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Ranking The UFC’s Weight Classes From Worst to Best

We currently have eight divisions in the UFC for male fighters. So let’s rank these divisions based on two factors. Firstly, we have ability and secondly, we have the current interest in the division.

8) Flyweight

The flyweight division for me is currently the least interesting division in UFC. The division hasn’t had a champion since Henry Cejudo was stripped of the title in December. The division has some great fighters such as Deiveson Figueiredo and Joseph Benevidez who fought at UFC Norfolk a couple of months ago, but due to Figueiredo missing weight, the title wasn’t on the line.

7) Heavyweight

The only light in this division for me right now is Francis Ngannou, who’s been on a rampage as of late. We haven’t received a date from Stipe on when he’s ready to fight which is causing tension among the fans and the spearheads of the company. Stipe vs Cormier 3 is a fight I want to happen as soon as possible so we can move onto Ngannou fighting for the title against Stipe as Cormier will retire after the trilogy win or lose. With the rest of the division, I don’t feel like there aren’t many title worthy talents in left in the division

6) Bantamweight

From here is where this list gets tough, with the retirement of Henry Cejudo at UFC 249 we need to crown a new Bantamweight king, which sparks a load of interest in the division because we get to figure out who will take over. However, I feel like the division loses a bit of credibility as well, simply because no one was able to take the belt off Cejudo. There’s a decent pool of talent in the 135lbs division with the likes of Marlon Moraes, Peter Yan and legend Jose Aldo looking great in this division but for me, it still ranks 6th due to the future champion not being able to beat Cejudo hold the belt.

5) Middleweight

I like the middleweight division a lot, it has a nice variation of fighters with different somatotypes, which makes the looks of fights very interesting. The division also has great quality with the likes of the champ, Isreal Adesanya, Robert Whittaker, Paulo Costa and Yoel Romero all being great fighters. However, there isn’t much hype around the division right now in comparison to others. This is probably due to Adesanya vs Romero being recent and absolutely awful but it seems like the division has stagnated over the last couple of months. I’m sure when Adesanya is ready to fight Costa or Cannonier the division will gain more attention again, but for now, it’s in 5th position for me.

4) Featherweight

These guys put on great fights all the time and there are some great fighters with different styles all at the top of this division which keeps the division refreshing to watch. Volkanovski is a great champion and he beat Max Holloway to win the belt at UFC 245. We also have to wait for their rematch, which I think will be a great fight if Max turns up the level earlier on in the fight. The division has also got the likes of Yair Rodriguez, Korean Zombie, T City and Zabit, showing a deep range of talent for Volkanovski to fight.

3) Light Heavyweight

You could argue this division could be further down the list and I wouldn’t argue that much with you, but I feel like this division is absolutely brilliant. Most people look at Jones’ reign over the 205 lbs division as boring, however, I look at it in a positive manner, looking at who will beat Jones, which for me makes the division even more interesting. The downside to the light heavyweight division is the fact that the judges have been slightly biased in the favour of Jones. I personally believe he should’ve lost to Reyes and Santos is more debatable because he was throwing a lot, but wasn’t particularly landing.  Santos hit 25% of strikes that fight. I feel like every fight Jones is getting closer and closer to losing and I can’t wait to see who will be the man to defeat him.

2) Welterweight

The welterweights have talent from top to bottom throughout the division. There’s a large amount of attention around it right now as he is set to fight Jorge Masvidal, the fighter of 2019. We’ve even had the likes of Conor Mcgregor stepping up to the Welterweight division recently, destroying Donald Cerrone bringing in more excitement around the 170s. The welterweight division is definitely one to look out for throughout the rest of the year.

1) Lightweight

I took me a long time to pick between the 155lbs fighters and the 170s and in my opinion, you could argue both for the top spot but I’ve gone with the lightweights. We’ve just had Tony Ferguson lose his 12 fight win streak to Justin Gaethje at UFC 249. I wish Khabib was in the US right now so we could have a unification bout at last but we’ll have to wait until the coronavirus passes by but I don’t mind waiting. I’d love to finally see Ferguson vs Khabib because it’s been called off so many times that I’ve lost count, but I think Gaethje will be a better opponent. He has great takedown defence and is great on his feet and it’ll be difficult for him to maul Gaethje like he did to Poirier and McGregor. The division is stacked from top to bottom like the welterweight division but I personally prefer the lightweights.


I’m thinking of doing this for the woman as well. Like if you enjoyed and have a great day!


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