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Wasted Talent in WWE #13

Welcome back to Wasted Talent in WWE, it’s been around nine months since I’ve done one of these but I think this the perfect time to bring back this series. I currently have three names who I feel right now who’s talents are not being utilised, however, today we’re going to kick off with Shorty G, Chad Gable. Gable is a former Olympian, competing at London 2012 and signed with NXT the following year. He’s a grand slam tag team champion, winning the tag titles on all three brands.

However, since the horrific injury of former tag team partner Jason Jordan, although winning tag gold with Robert Roode, Gable has fallen out of favour in the WWE and was most recently used as a jobber to build up a returning Sheamus.

Gable is one of the most talented wrestlers that the promotion have and his misusage has been due to his height. Standing at 5’8, Gable isn’t the tallest competitor, however, the second creative thought it was a good idea to mock him for it, I knew his career was going to take a dark turn for the worst. Right now, the name ‘Shorty G’ presents Gable as a joke. So the question lies, how do we book him?

Firstly, we need him to make his return and I believe that there are two good ways of bringing him back. The first one is for him to be one of the hackers, however, I don’t actually know these hackers’ purpose so I can’t book him accordingly. The second way is to bring him back as a face and make him associate with Daniel Bryan after Drew Gulak has left the company. He could bring him under their wing after seeing him backstage on Smackdown and he can compete in some matches against the likes of Cesaro and other mid-carders after Sheamus wins the Intercontinental Championship tournament, where he consistently loses. However, with each loss tension builds between him and Bryan especially with Bryan trying to give him advice that isn’t working.

When Bryan gives ‘Shorty G’ a pep talk backstage after another loss, he says ‘Shorty G, you’re better than this, you’re a former tag champ…’ G responds with ‘I’m who? ‘ For Bryan to say ‘Shorty G,’ ultimately leading to the snap and heel turn and return of Chad Gable, who is as sinister as ever building to a match at Summerslam against Bryan. Gable wins via stoppage after brutalising Bryan making him look stronger than ever and in their rematch at the following PPV which is still to be announced, Gable wins again in an I quit match ( haven’t seen one of those in ages) after threatening to snap Bryan’s previously injured neck.

You could then build a storyline with him and Sheamus for the Intercontinental Championship going into what is most likely going to be Hell in a Cell in October. This would be a heel vs heel match which I’d think would provide a different dynamic to the majority of other matches, which are most likely to be a face vs a heel. I think these two could put on a terrific matchup if given 15 minutes on PPV, which would ultimately end up with Gable going over as IC champion overcoming the man who put him in the situation he found himself with his state of mind and his previous lack of TV time as a heel, which takes a spin on a regular babyface comeback story.

I personally don’t even think he needs a title to be saved on Smackdown. I think a bit of character alteration can bring Gable back to being a useful member of the roster.

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