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Potential Ideas for Otis’ Money in the Bank Cash in

Money in the bank was a pretty good show overall, the tag match at the start was exciting and fast-paced, Bayley vs Tamina was what we expected but it was a solid match nonetheless. The storytelling between Strowman and Wyatt was brilliant and McIntyre vs Rollins was another great match, which also hinted at a Rollins face turn, with his reluctance to cheat and showing respect at the end of the match. Finally, the contract match was funny and showed a bit of creativity from WWE, which is something we don’t often see. Otis and Asuka won their respective matches, which gave me a pleasant shock as I expected Aj Styles or Aleister Black to win the men’s match and Shayna Baszler to win the women’s match.

With these results, we have so many avenues in which Otis can cash in his contract, so I thought I could go through them.

1) Tucker turns heel

Personally, I think it’s way too early for Otis to hold a major title such as the Universal Championship, so maybe when he attempts to cash in, his partner Tucker turns on him causing a feud between the two former best friends. It’s a storyline, we’ve seen before, but with the MITB contract in hand, it could show us a different angle of seeing this feud play out.

2) Otis cashes in for Tag Titles

This one is the most boring idea, however, instead of Tucker turning on Otis, alternatively, Otis and Tucker could cash in on the New Day ending their somewhat lucky reign as tag champs. This keeps Heavy Machinery together which is fine with me, as they are one of the most over teams right now.

3) Ziggler screws Otis

I hope this doesn’t happen, I think Otis and Ziggler are done with each other for now, but imagine it. It’s something we’d expect WWE to do and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was to happen.

4) Aj Styles or Baron Corbin win it off him

The match ended with controversy as due to Styles and Corbin battling over the briefcase, they fumbled the case and it landed in Otis’ hands. This gives them a reason to stake their claim at Otis for the contract, this one is likely to happen and we’ve seen in the past with Mr Kennedy losing it to Edge.

5) Mandy screws Otis

There are so many options with Otis being Mr MITB and I feel fans have overlooked this one in particular. They could tease reuniting Fire and Desire over a few weeks before Otis cashing in. Mandy turns on Otis as he cashes in as she misses her tag partner. This is a typical Vince twist and it’s one that I can definitely visualise.

6) Otis becomes champ

Unfortunately, this is the least likely to happen but, it’s something I wouldn’t mind seeing. It might be too early to cash in, due to Braun Strowman being the Universal Champion right now and if anyone is going to beat him right now it’s going to be The Fiend. Nevertheless, maybe towards next year, when Otis has more experience it could be his time to shine at the top of the company, and he could cash in on the likes of a Roman Reigns, who I predict will be the Universal Champion by the end of the year once this virus hopefully passes over.

Hopefully, with this many good options, they don’t screw this up like they usually do. I guess we have to find out on Smackdown Friday night.


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