Nixon Newell is Injured Again.

A lot of people may not know who Nixon Newell is so I’ll give a quick rundown of her career. She’s a former WCPW Woman’s champion and an SWE Tag Team Champion with Pj Black. She was a Queen of Southside Champion as well.

nixon newell 2

In April last year, it was reported that Newell had signed a contract with WWE

It was reported that Newell was replaced in the WWE Mae Young Classic, because of tearing to her ACL, before the tournament had even began. Newell returned to the ring on April 13, 2018, at a House show, As of May 2018 Newell had appeared at the most recent set of NXT Tapings in Florida and two months ago, Newell’s in-ring name was changed to Tegan Nox.


During the tapings for the Mae Young Classic for this year at Full Sail University, Nox was supposedly attempting a suicide dive, however, she, unfortunately, injured her left knee. Nox apparently tried to continue after the referee asked her if she was ok, however, she screamed out in pain after being drop-kicked by her opponent, Ria Ripley and the match was called off.

Triple H came out afterwards with a statement saying “The doctor looked at it, and it was so painful at the point that he couldn’t manipulate the disc to see if it was an ACL. So we have her headed over to the hospital now and check what it is.”

I feel bad for Nox because I’ve followed her career since her Fight Club days, and I know how hard she worked to get to the WWE so to see her opportunity getting stripped away from her once again is upsetting.

Hopefully, she isn’t out for nearly a year again.

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