Who Should be the Next Paul Heyman Guy/Girl?

If Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens or Braun Strowman walk away from Summerslam with the Universal Championship, Brock Lesnar will leave the WWE for UFC. If that occurs surely that means that we will need a new Paul Heyman guy/girl unless Paul leaves with Lesnar. Here are some suggestions for the Heyman’s next client.

1. Cesaro

As mentioned in my last post I believe Cesaro is one of the top 5 wrestlers in WWE and all he needs is a mouthpiece to project him to the next level. All that is needed to be said was mentioned in my last post go and check it out if you want to!

2. Roman Reigns

We all knew he was going to be mentioned in this list, and even though I don’t think having Heyman as his manager will make Heyman a loveable face. I know for a fact it will make him a top heel. Paul Heyman has said multiple times already if he wasn’t managing Brock, Roman would be his next choice so why not?

3. Asuka

Now, I know what you’re thinking, but if WWE is serious about this women’s evolution this would be a move in the right step. Go back to when Asuka was in NXT and was a heel. She was good right? So imagine her with a mouthpiece. The same way Brock was dominant in the male division, Asuka, can be in the women’s division. Brock is not the best talker and when Heyman did his promos for him it made Lesnar look dangerous. I think it could do the same for Asuka.

4. Finn Bálor 

Finn is a top class wrestler in my opinion top 10 in the world, but in WWE it hasn’t clicked for him yet. Heyman can help push Finn back to the top of the Raw roster where he belongs instead of him being a mid-carder. Maybe, Gal-Anderson can move brands ( or the other way) and they can have The Club all managed by Paul Heyman. This would be great because this will help elevate a dead Tag division and bring back more factions to the WWE. Who doesn’t love factions?!

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