This WWE Superstar has to Turn Heel

I was watching Raw this morning and as I watching the tag match between The Authors of Pain and Mojo Rawley vs Titus WorldWide and Bobby Roode I wondered to myself what the heck is Roode doing with Titus Worldwide.

Roode is a former US champion and NXT champion. He’s also a two time TNA World Heavyweight Champion, so why the hell is he being treated like a jobber.

What made Roode successful in NXT was 1. His theme song. 2. His heel character. If you look back to his TNA days, Roode was an obnoxious heel and this is what got him over in the first place. He was a complete asshole, not your John Cena type superhero. If you were to look at Roode. You’d say heel straight away. So why the hell is he a face. Even if they wanted to try him as a face due to the crowd loving his theme song. Surely after a while, they’d realise it is not working.

Image result for bobby roode heel

EC3 in NXT reminds me of Bobby Roode, in terms of character. He also has a catchy theme song. But, would he work as a face, NO! Because it doesn’t suit his character. I feel like WWE should fire their whole creative team because evidently, they don’t know why not to turn characters that would never work as a babyface to a babyface!


If Roode doesn’t turn heel after Summerslam, then I don’t know what is going on in WWE. Hopefully, for the sake of WWE, Roode turns and his career can get back on track.

Sorry for the rant but I thought I had to get it off my chest.

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