One of the Most Underrated Wrestlers in the World

Mike Bailey.

mike bailey 2

I know what most of you are thinking right now. Who’s Mike Bailey? Don’t worry if you don’t know who he is you’ll get to know him soon.

Mike Bailey is a Canadian wrestler who is currently a freelancer in pro wrestling. This means he travels around the world wrestling one-off matches in the indie scene. With a background of taekwondo, Bailey has made an easy adjustment to the ring and is currently, in my opinion, one of the best wrestlers in the world. “Speedball”, another name he goes by, is a wrestler with a unique gimmick. I really like these types of wrestlers. No one apart from Bailey can play this character.

Every wrestler must have a story and a background. When I look at Bailey, I can see that he’s a well-trained athlete. He plays a person who is very respectful and fits the rules. He is a wrestler who gets very irritated and turns into a demon when he being treated disrespectfully by his opponents. I think he’ll be great. Bailey is a wrestler who must be taken seriously soon because he could be one of the¬†talents that gets away from the likes of NJPW and I think he’ll fit perfectly in Lucha Underground.

“Speedball” has had some crazy matches in his career so far. I’d recommend you should watch his match against Will Ospreay in the Pro Wrestling World Cup, that it is an absolute beauty of a match and his wonderful match against Travis Banks at Riptide Wrestling’s Deep Six.

Image result for mike bailey vs will ospreay

So don’t sleep on Mike Bailey, he could be a future star in the indie scene. Or even make his way into the big time. We’ll have to see.

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