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Rambling About: Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou

After his KO win over Dillian Whyte last night, the next challenge for WBC Heavyweight Champion, Tyson Fury appears to be UFC Heavyweight Champion, Francis Ngannou. Both men seem certain of the matchup happening either at the end of this year or at the start of 2023 as Francis is still recovering from a knee […]

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My first interview with a fighter

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My Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Thoughts

We’re less than a month away from seeing YouTuber, Jake Paul box professional boxer and Tyson Fury’s half brother, Tommy Fury, and I can’t lie, I’m really excited to watch this. Like him or not, Jake Paul has shown he’s a pretty good boxer for someone who only started his career in 2018. Although his […]

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Tyron Woodley HAS to Beat Jake Paul

Last night it was announced that Jake Paul and former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley will face off in a boxing match. I don’t believe a date has been set but this is a must win fight for Woodley. The former champ lost his last 4 fights before being released by the UFC in April. […]

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Why Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather Could RUIN Boxing

This is really happening. Logan Paul, a youtuber is fighting Floyd Mayweather, one of the greatest boxers of all time. I’m not a Logan Paul fan by any means, but you’ve got to respect the pull he has. The fact that Floyd Mayweather even considered fighting this man is insane to me. This fight will […]