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My Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Thoughts

We’re less than a month away from seeing YouTuber, Jake Paul box professional boxer and Tyson Fury’s half brother, Tommy Fury, and I can’t lie, I’m really excited to watch this.

Like him or not, Jake Paul has shown he’s a pretty good boxer for someone who only started his career in 2018. Although his opposition has been other amateurs and members from the UFC retirement home, Paul has shown good boxing fundamentals and you can tell he’s been trained by some of the best in the game.

This will be Fury’s biggest fight and a fight that he must win. A loss for the Brit would put shame on the Fury name and when you have one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time in your corner, a KO win should be expected in the Fury camp.

Fury will be Paul’s biggest test and after coming off a split decision win to Tyron Woodley, Paul will have to improve defensively as Fury is his first opponent that’s around the same size as him and in fact has 4 inch reach advantage. Fury could touch Paul with his jab, setting up the right or use the his left hook lead to set up a right straight down the pipe.

Paul’s biggest weapon is the overhand right hook that he’ll setup with either one or two jabs. I’ve noticed that to set this up, he’ll attack the body in the 1st minutes of round one, then will head hunt later on. Jake will need to keep his head off the centreline though, because unlikely Woodley who didn’t take advantage of this, Fury will.

It’s hard to judge this fight because both men haven’t faced any high-level opposition, so gauging who is better is tough. Of course, Paul got rocked by Woodley, who isn’t the best boxer, but Woodley does have heavy hands, so being rocked by him isn’t a strong negative.

The buildup has been fun, with both men taking shots at each other and I’m sure the fight won’t disappoint. I have no allegiance to any of these guys so watching as a neutral should be fun. I’d love to see a knockout though. The memes that follow will be fun to watch.

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