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Tyron Woodley HAS to Beat Jake Paul

Last night it was announced that Jake Paul and former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley will face off in a boxing match. I don’t believe a date has been set but this is a must win fight for Woodley.

The former champ lost his last 4 fights before being released by the UFC in April. In all of those fights, apart from his last fight against Vicente Luque, Woodley seemed to have no fire to fight and was dominated by Usman, Covington and Burns.

In order to beat Jake Paul, Woodley is going to have to find that fire because Paul is definitely going to take this seriously. Although Paul acts like a clown, he has been training consistently for three years and has been improving fight by fight and I respect his commitment to boxing.

If Jake beats Tyron then the credibility of the UFC is in serious jeopardy, even though Paul has been training boxing longer. Unlike Askren, who is the worst standup fighter in MMA history, didn’t care whatsoever and was clearly only in to fight Paul for the $500,000 he made, T-Wood is a man that is good on the feet and has serious KO power although he hasn’t scored a KO finish since 2016 against Robbie Lawler. We can’t forget that this man nearly KO’d Luque in that last bout before being submitted.

Unless Paul trains with some hard hitters, He hasn’t come close to facing anyone with Woodley’s experience, power and hand speed. I thought Paul would finish Askren because Ben sucks at boxing and clearly didn’t even try and get in shape for the fight, but I don’t see him getting past Woodley. Woodley hits like a truck and I don’t think Paul will be ready for that power until he actually feels him in the ring.

Tyron can’t be complacent though. Paul has worked/is working with the Shane Mosley and BJ Flores, some of the best coaches in the world and in terms of his footwork, IQ and hands, although he’s faced amateur level boxers, there is some professional experience there that cannot be overlooked by Tyron and his crew.

T-Wood has a lot of pressure on his back because if he loses this fight God knows who Paul will call out next. Usman, McGregor, Holloway? I couldn’t even say he doesn’t have the right to do so because he would’ve beaten a former UFC champion. Woodley HAS to finish Paul.

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