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Ffs Goldberg…

I stopped watching Monday Night Raw a month ago and just resorted to watching the clips of the Fiend, Bliss and Orton feud because that was the only thing I was interested in. So this morning I went on my YouTube subscriptions and saw ‘Goldberg challenges Drew McIntyre to Royal Rumble showdown’ and I simply clicked on the video, disliked it and left.

Surprise surprise Vince McMahon has gone back to his get out of jail free card once again. A part-timer has shown up to face-off for a major title. For what reason you probably don’t ask because you know the answer already? Ratings. Ratings that may spike up in the short term but in the long term will damage WWE even more than it has already.

The thing that irritates me the most about this Goldberg return is that there are two feuds for Drew McIntyre literally in the face of Vince to pick from. There’s Keith Lee, they could’ve held off the match between those two for the Rumble, or there’s Sheamus. A rivalry which is literally set up perfectly for Drew as you could have a friendly feud between old friends turn into a bitter rivalry by the PPV or Sheamus turn on Drew.

Drew vs Goldberg isn’t a dream match. As much as I hated the idea of it happening as a main event, last year the concept of Roman vs Goldberg actually made sense because it’s the Spear vs the Spear and they’re two animals of two different generations. This doesn’t provide anything for me. There’s nothing that links these two together for it to be a dream match so why is it happening?

I’m tired of seeing these old part timers take the TV/PPV time of upcoming talent. If WWE focused on making a good product, then they wouldn’t have to rely on the legends of yesterday to boost a rating or two. I’ve heard countless stories of wrestlers not even knowing what is going on until right before they leave the curtain. How do you expect anyone to do a good job at selling themselves or the product if they have no preparation on what they’re about to do. It doesn’t make sense.

Another year and another reason to watch AEW or over WWE.

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