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3 Somewhat Crazy Wrestling Predictions for 2021

After a pretty crazy 2020, I’ve realised anything can happen in 2021. So this is the perfect time to make my annual ‘somewhat crazy’ predictions for the year. Let’s get into it.

3. We won’t have full crowds in any show in AEW or WWE

We start off with a pretty depressing prediction but at the moment I feel like this is the harsh reality. As much as we want everything to go back to normal this year, I don’t see it happening. The lack of work being done in America and the UK to prevent the virus from spreading is not helping any sport get back to normality, so I don’t expect large amounts of fans to be crowds this year.

2. WALTER won’t lose the NXT UK Championship

The Ringgeneral has been the NXT UK champion for 639 days (03/01/21) and after beating Ilja Dragunov in a terrific match for the title in October, I don’t see anyone beating him anytime soon. A-Kid is next in line for the title after winning the Heritage Cup, but I personally don’t think he has half the interest from fans or chance that Dragunov had, so I don’t expect WALTER drop the belt to him. The person I do expect WALTER to drop the belt to is Trent Seven in a rematch, but I think they’ll pull the trigger in 2022. NXT UK’s plan with their champions is to give them long reigns which makes the title even more prestigious than it already is as we have dominant champions that seem impossible to beat. This similar to what WWWF had in the 1960s and I think they’ll continue with this forgotten tradition with WALTER until next year, making him the most dominant champion in the modern era of WWE.

1. Jimmy Uso vs Jey Uso

This is definitely one of the craziest predictions I’ve ever made, but there is a bit of logic behind it. With Jey Uso taking time to succumb to Roman Reigns being the ‘head of the table’, and Roman attacking his cousin who is also Jimmy’s twin brother and not to mention Jimmy himself, surely Jimmy when he eventually returns won’t take too kindly to that. I definitely think that Jimmy Uso will face Roman in the ring this year, however, him facing his brother is much less likely to happen simply because they’re twins and that creates a commentary nightmare. Nevertheless, this is a match I’ve wanted to see for years and I think they could give Jimmy a different attire on his return to make it easier to differentiate between the two. Although this prediction is wild, it does work in terms of the whole storyline with the Anoa’i family because Jey admitted Roman was the ‘tribal chief’ but Jimmy didn’t so we could possibly see this feud and match this year.

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