Wasted Talent in WWE #9

The fact that Cesaro hasn’t one of the big championships during his six years in WWE completely confuses me. He, in my opinion, is one of the top 5 wrestlers in WWE based on in-ring ability. Yes, I know his promos aren’t good, nevertheless he speaks multiple languages and English isn’t his first. So cut him some slack.

Pound for pound Cesaro is definitely one of the strongest WWE superstars. He’s lifted the Big Show, a man who is nearly twice his body weight. In addition, Cesaro is athletic as hell. He’s able to perform a 619 which is a move that a man standing at 6ft 5in shouldn’t be able to perform. Even though he’s a 5 time Tag Team Champion, the inaugural Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner and he’s held the US Championship once, Cesaro deserves to hold the WWE Championship. So, how can Cesaro win the championship?

First of all, he needs to break up with his Tag Team partner Sheamus. As the Bar are heading into a match to face the Usos next week on Smackdown this would be the perfect start to this break up. The Bar should lose to the Usos, with Sheamus accidentally Brogue kicking Cesaro causing a hint of a split occuring. In a backstage segment after the match, Sheamus and Cesaro start to argue. As the weeks go by Sheamus and Cesaro lose matches against Sanity and The Bludgeon Brothers. After the match, Sheamus attacks Cesaro in a brutal beatdown. This would lead to a match at Summerslam, where Cesaro beats Sheamus. On the Smackdown after Summerslam Cesaro comes out to say he’s been underlooked for years and he’s tired of waiting and he’s now ready to take. He should list examples of people this had worked for, such as Samoa Joe, the new WWE Champion after making Aj Styles pass out to the Coquina Clutch at Summerslam. He heads to the back afterwards and confronts Paige. He should demand her for a championship opportunity (by the way he’s not a heel, he’s an angry face at this point.),  which Paige says “You have to earn your opportunity.” Paige creates a match between Cesaro and Andrade “Cien” Almas, who beat Rusev at Summerslam, for next week and the winner will face the champion at Hell in a Cell.

almas vs rusev

In the main event, Aj Styles evokes his rematch clause against Samoa Joe, however, he loses due to the Muscle Buster. After Joe wins he grabs a mic and cuts a short promo saying,” this will be the state of Cesaro or Almas at Hell in a Cell.”

joe promo.jpg

The next week, Cesaro and Almas face off in a 20 minute classic. Cesaro treats it as one of his last chances to become champion, he fights off interferences from Zelina Vega twice but on the third attempt she distracts him enough for Almas to get the win. Cesaro is upset and decides he needs someone that’ll push him to the next level. So in the build up to Hell in a Cell, Cesaro is scouting for someone to help him push through and get him one more chance at the WWE Championship.

On the penultimate Smackdown to Hell in a Cell, Cesaro is on the phone to someone and as he gets off it he celebrates as he has a new manager. The next week Cesaro reveals that his manager is Paul Heyman.( Now I know what your thinking, Paul Heyman was with Cesaro and that was an absolute flop. That was because they were focusing on Lesnar at the time so he couldn’t do both at the same time. Because at Summerslam Lesnar lost and has gone to UFC Paul is free to manage someone else.) Heyman comes out and starts to hype up Cesaro and belittle everyone else.


At Hell in a Cell, Joe beats Almas to retain the belt. On Smackdown Joe asks who’s next and Aj Styles, Cesaro w/ Heyman and Rusev come out a claim to fight Joe for the WWE Championship. Paige comes out and decides to make a triple threat for the main event and the winner faces Joe at Super Show-Down. In the ending of the match Rusev should get taken out by Styles by the Phenomenal Forearm. Styles should go for it again however Cesaro reverses it into an European Uppercut, then he pickes Styles up for the Neutraliser for the Victory. Afterwards, Joe faces off with Cesaro in the ring.

In the weeks leading to the match Joe rips into Cesaro saying ” I’ve done more in 2 years than you have done in your whole career.” Heyman responds with the “The same way you couldn’t be Brock under me is the same way you couldn’t beat Cesaro,” hopefully this will create an atmosphere where everyones blood is boiling and both men can’t wait to get at each other.

At the Super Show-Down Joe loses to Cesaro and Cesaro finally becomes WWE Champion!

cesaro w wwe title

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