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Marlon Moraes Comes Out of Retirement?

News has broken that Marlon Moraes has come out of retirement and is looking to set up a fight with Shane Burgos in PFL for the 2023 season.

I’m in shock. Especially when you factor in Marlon has lost his last four fights, all by vicious knockouts, I don’t think it’s a wise idea to move up a weight class to fight Shane Burgos, who’s already a big 145-pounder.

Since Shane is getting the big bucks to fight in PFL, I can only imagine they’ve given Marlon the same treatment by giving him a lucrative offer he can’t refuse.

If they do fight, it’ll bring many new eyes to the promotion. Despite them not being massive superstars, they’re two recognisable names that have built reputations by being exciting fighters and it’ll be interesting to see the numbers of the card they fight on in comparison to what they usually get.

If there’s a way for PFL to grow more, it’s to continue to bring some of the top talents from the UFC over to their promotion. However, surely in the long term, this isn’t stable. Each new talent they bring will demand more than the next and so on and so forth.

It’s an interesting move from the PFL and Marlon Moraes. I honestly don’t see him staying there after the 2023 season, I think he’s there to collect his paycheque and leave.

I think there were better options to snag from either the UFC active roster or their retirement home. I feel like this move is just another confirmation that PFL is simply another Bellator. A retirement home for UFC legends.

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