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LEON EDWARDS KNOCKED USMAN OUT COLD AT THE DEATH! Leon Edwards is the new UFC Welterweight Champion. It looked over. Usman was 3-1 up with a minute to go, looking comfortable. But a head kick from nowhere laid Usman out for the first time in his career. I’m so happy for Leon. The setbacks, the fight cancellations, everything. Leon deserves this win. Usman, you’ve been a great champ. A credit to the sport and Africa, I’m sure you’ll be back soon.

Leon doing it from the UK is massive for the country. It’ll inspire so many to train in the UK and not feel like they have to go across the pond to win. The second English UFC Champion, the first Jamaican born. Well done Leon!

Costa vs Rockhold… Wow! What a fight! Both men were spent after an electric round one, especially Luke. Yet they somehow made it three rounds. Luke’s chin made it through a battering and even with having his hands on his knees during the fight fought valiantly. Definitely my FOTN.

Luke, thanks for giving us a great career, one of the best middleweight champions of all time and I hope you enjoy your retirement. What a fight to go out on.

Merab Dvalisvili dominated Jose Aldo on his path to a title shot against his teammate Aljamain Sterling, even if he doesn’t want to fight him. 15 takedown attempts, 15 failed attempts for Merab, yet constant control of the striking and against the cage gave him the win. Merab is a serious problem for this division. I’d love to see him face someone like Petr Yan, especially after Sterling was able to mitigate Petr with wrestling in their second fight.

Tyson Pedro got his second win since his return to the octagon against Hary Hunsucker. A perfectly placed front kick to the body stabbing his opponent made the American cover up and Tyson followed up for the finish.

Lucie Pudilova marked her return back to the octagon with a win over Wu Yanan. It was a dominant win from start to finish, with Lucie nearly getting a rear-naked choke for the win, however, Wu was able to escape. After more ground and pound, Wu was not defending herself and Herb Dean was forced to stop the fight. A very good return for Lucie after being cut from the UFC during lockdown. On the other hand, another loss for Wu Yanan, who hasn’t won since 2018 and I think she’ll be cut from the UFC in the coming week.

The card as a whole was good but the main and co-main were special. I’ll never forget tonight. One of my favourite endings of a UFC card ever. 8/10

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