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UFC 279 Is Weak

UFC 279 is in serious need of a revamp as soon as possible. We are exactly one month away from the PPV and the card has no title fights and a main event which is simply feeding Khamzat Chimaev, one of the UFC’s biggest upcoming stars, a legend of the sport who’s way past his prime in Nate Diaz. Not to mention the lack of top-tier talent on the undercard, there’s no real reason to watch this event.

The one positive I’ll say about this card is that it will produce some firefights. Ion Cutelaba vs Johnny Walker should be insane. There’s no way that doesn’t produce something insane, same with Jake Collier and Chris Barnett but apart from that, I’d be lying if I was to say I was excited about this card.

This is a bad fight night-level card. The only title-level competitor on this card is Khamzat and I guess Irene Aldana but she’s fighting the 10th-ranked fighter in her division so there are no stakes for the fight.

For the fans, currently, all these fights are meaningless and I’d be surprised if this PPV does well. The UFC is banking off Nate’s and Khamzat’s star power to pull them through the event on September 11th and I don’t think it will work. Both these guys are massive draws but most big names apart from Conor, usually have an enticing co-main to help with pulling people in. Who the hell cares about Jamie Pickett and Denis Tiuliulin? No one.

This might be the worst card (on paper) I’ve seen in my seven years watching MMA. As a European, it’s hard enough staying up from when a card starts at 12am to 6am, so when the entire card is full of fighters you don’t really care about, there’s no way I’m staying up for the card. I’ll wake up at 5am for the main event and go about my day and I’m sure I’m one of tens of thousands that will do the same. I’d be surprised if Americans even stay up until 12am to watch the main event.

I actually can’t wait to see the sales of this one because they might be the lowest of the year.

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