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Rambling About: Volkanovski vs Holloway 3

Volkanovski 2, Holloway 0. Agree or disagree, that’s the score going into this third instalment.

Both fights were a coin flip, especially their last fight at UFC 251, where I personally thought Holloway did enough to win his featherweight title back. However, what can he do differently to make sure he comes home with the gold this time?

I think implementing more kicks into his game is pivotal for Holloway. Of course, he claims the title of being the best boxer in the UFC but that won’t win him this fight. Volkanovski knows what to expect with the hands, but if Holloway can use his reach and height advantage to his advantage, he can use low kicks to set up the striking, especially because the champion sometimes sets his feet.

The challenger needs to win this fight, obviously, to become champion. However, this fight determines a whole lot more than a gold belt.

Legacy. Both of these men are in the conversation for being the greatest featherweight of all time along with Jose Aldo, with a lot of fans believing despite losing to Volkanovski twice, Holloway is still the greatest featherweight of all time. I think if the Australian prevails, that’ll swing the pendulum largely into Volk’s favour.

Having the scalp of Aldo and Holloway three times along with the likes of Brian Ortega, TKZ and Chad Mendes, the debate for the FW goat becomes even better.

Depending on the result, what would be next for both men? If Holloway wins, I’d imagine the fourth instalment to this battle between two all-time greats to occur sometime at the start of next year.

If Volkanvoski retains, that’d surely put an end to this rivalry. I think Volkanovski would face the winner out of Ortega vs Rodriguez which is set to be a classic.

For Holloway, I could only see a move up in weight class. He has a victory over the current lightweight champion, Charles Oliveira and there are a lot of matchups that would be to die for. Holloway vs Chandler, Gaethje or even Tony Ferguson would be incredible and guaranteed classics.

Despite what happens, for me, both of these men are the best two featherweights in the world and the skill margin between them and the rest is gargantuan. I can’t wait to see what happens on July 2nd.

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