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Is UFC 276 Too Stacked?

I love a stacked UFC card, noticeable names fighting from the early prelims to the main event draws me to a card and makes me want to stay up from 10pm to 5am watching grown men and women fight each other. This is exactly what UFC 276 produces. Huge names in the MMA world are fighting on July 2nd and I can’t wait. However, does this have negative connotations?

Throughout this year, we’ve had pretty disappointing UFC fight nights and PPV’s so it was inevitable the UFC was going to try and put on a major event for the summer. However, if a card as stacked as that delivers, surely that sets a standard that the UFC can’t let down because they know what it takes to sell and produce a good PPV.

The fight night prior to this event will be headlined by Carlos Ulberg and Tafon Nchukwi, two names not well known to the casual fight watcher. Also although, Rafael Dos Anjos and Rafael Fiziev are huge stars in the sport, the undercard for their fight which takes place a week after UFC 276 doesn’t appear to be too strong.

UFC 275 has almost been forgotten about the MMA community as everyone looks ahead to the Adesanya vs Cannonier. I guarantee the numbers for UFC 275 will not be good, quite possibly the worst of the year.

Although UFC 277 seems pretty stacked so far, the quality definitely starts to rail off once you get into the prelims and I’m sure the UFC can’t hold that level of talent for the next event.

UFC 277 card

I guess it’s a matter of time, I still can’t wait for both cards but the fight nights in between may look pretty poor and as someone who watches every card, I’m not looking forward to those long nights.

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