I’m not too excited for UFC London

It’s been three years since the UFC last came to London and when it was announced earlier this year that there would be another card in the capital, I was extremely excited.

When I found out about the event, I was planning on going because I live relatively close to the 02 Arena, which hosts Saturday’s card. Also it would’ve been my first ever UFC event live so I thought it was imperative for me to go. However, as more and more of the card was revealed, the original thrill that I had, waned and completely died when I saw tickets were £400.

Nevertheless, there’s a lot of homegrown talent to look out for on Saturday which is great. I’m really looking forward to Muhammad Mokaev’s debut. At 21, he has great potential and I hope he can become a champion one day. However, apart from him, I’m not too excited about any other fight. The co-main event is a great fight and it’ll be interesting to see how Dan Hooker fairs at featherweight, but it’s not something that gets my blood pumping.

The main event isn’t main event worthy in my opinion. I think Tom Aspinall is a great fighter with great potential but on 90% of Fight Night cards this fight is getting the co-main spot at best.

Paddy the Baddy is back, but he fights someone who’s 1-2 in the UFC, so in all honestly, this fight should be a cakewalk for him. It will be fun to see his promo if he wins tomorrow. However as a fighter, I don’t think his ceiling is that high. I think once he faces top 15 opposition, he’ll struggle severely.

Although there aren’t any big names on the card, a lot of the better UFC Fight Night cards of the last year were the ones without any big names. So I’ll definitely tune in when I can tomorrow.

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