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Are Conor McGregor and Jon Jones are RUINING MMA’s Reputation?

News has broken out that Conor McGregor has allegedly attacked a DJ while in Italy. This was supposedly a few hours after his son’s baptism and as much as I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt, this is a reoccurring theme with the former UFC champion. We’ve seen Conor get into multiple fights with members of the public including him attacking an old man because he wouldn’t drink his whiskey brand “Proper Twelve.”

Also, Jon Jones has been in the hot seat for the past month because he’s been accused of domestic abuse by his own children towards his wife. In addition, after his head coach suspended him from his gym for his actions, Jones decided to tweet:

Essentially confirming that he did those actions and although his coach was trying to help him by giving him a consequence, he saw it as an attack.

Like it or not, Conor and Jon are the faces of MMA. These two athletes are what the casual fan or the general media see when they look at the sport and when stories like these consistently break, it’s very easy to make the judgement that if these two are doing these actions, the majority of fighters are doing the same.

I think what makes it worse is that they’re both rarely punished. Jones when sent to therapy was supposedly allowed to check-in and instantly check-out. To be honest, I don’t think there’s a way to “punish” Conor, he’s a multimillionaire that doesn’t need the UFC as much as they need him. So if he was suspended or fired, he’ll find something else to do, such as, fight Jake Paul or convince Manny Pacquiao to come out of retirement and that’s at least $10million just like that.

Another thing both men do to make these situations worse is, apologise to then make the same mistakes again and again. They tell fans that they’ll “do better next time,” yet we see them in the news for these same actions. No matter what both of them say, the hardcore fans won’t believe it and even the mainstream media is catching onto this.

I honestly wish both guys get their act together because what they’re doing doesn’t only affect their pay, it affects everyone that works in MMA industry.

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