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I’ve Fallen Out of Love with Wrestling

When I started this page in 2017, I thought I’d be a pro wrestling fan for life. I even believed I was headed towards a career somewhere in the industry, whether it was talking about wrestling or writing wrestling storylines, I thought it was destined for me. However, this year, I’ve stopped watching wrestling completely and haven’t watched wrestling consistently since Wrestlemania 37. Also I haven’t wrote anything about it since June.

Over the last month I’ve tried to forcing myself to watch AEW because I heard they signed Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole but I just couldn’t invest myself in the product, which felt peculiar because I’ve loved watching them wrestle since my early teens and I’ve had nothing against AEW since it’s creation.

When I look back at some of my older posts about wrestling, they were essentially me complaining about WWE wasting some of their best talent such as Cesaro, Sami Zayn and Chad Gable and that could’ve been some hints of me falling out of love with sports entertainment, yet, I feel like that was me being passionate about something I loved.

Reminiscing now, I criticised wrestling more than I praised it. A lot of my posts were how based off how things could be improved instead of how much I enjoy what each promotion is doing. Furthermore when watching, especially the main WWE rosters, I looked to criticise the matches or shows rather than sit back and enjoy them.

I think what really pushed me away was Monday Night Raw. That was the first show I completely stopped watching because the wrestling was truly shocking, the storylines were either repetitive or boring and I found myself forcing myself to watch it, rather than watching it for the joy of watching the show.

I think that eventually lead into Smackdown and NXT which still produced decent shows, but nowhere near the quality of previous years such as 2016 for Smackdown and 2017/18 for NXT and constantly reminiscing over those years made me realise that I really wasn’t enjoying what I was watching/writing about.

Finally, I believe my love for MMA contributed to me falling out of love with wrestling. Ever since I decided to start writing about MMA alongside wrestling, I found myself enjoying writing about MMA more than wrestling, so on occasions where there was a time schedule clash, I would pick MMA over wrestling.

It’s a shame that I’m no longer interested in wrestling because it’s what I built this website on the back off. Maybe I’ll get back into it in future, but for now, I think TheWrestlingFallacy is done with wrestling.

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