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I Haven’t Watched Monday Night Raw in a Month…

Watching Raw is like a tradition for me. Every Tuesday morning as a kid I’d run downstairs and watch Raw before heading for school. Even in my early adolescence, I’d either stay up until 1am to watch it live or watch the highlights on YouTube first thing in the morning. However, over the last year or so, I’ve struggled to enjoy the show.

Since February 2020, I’ve essentially been forcing my to watch Raw just in case something crazy happened and I can write about it. However, after the horrendous Raw after Wrestlemania, I haven’t even tuned into Raw. I haven’t watched those 3 minute clips on YouTube and I genuinely don’t care what happens on the show.

The only thing I know that’s going on right now is RKbro. I have no clue if Lashley is still feuding with Braun Strowman and Drew McIntyre and as I’m writing this now I can’t even recall who the US champion is, which just shows how good/memorable the show is right now.

When I watch NXT, AEW and Smackdown, watching wrestling doesn’t feel like a chore. The characters are entertaining, the wrestlers themselves seem like they’re enjoying themselves and there’s a clear direction that the shows seems to be heading in. With Raw, I don’t think you can say that about anyone apart from RKbro and The New Day.

I don’t want to just throw blame on Vince McMahon but that’s the man behind the show. Roman Reigns doesn’t get the incredible run he’s on right now if he’s on Raw. Cesaro doesn’t become a main event player if he’s on Raw. Apollo Crews doesn’t become IC Champ if he’s on Raw. 80% of NXT guys and girls that go up to Raw become stale and the only explanation I can give to that is Vince. It’s almost as if he doesn’t care anymore, which I hope isn’t the case but as a fan this is what is being portrayed.

When Vince eventually steps down and Triple H takes the reigns I expect things to improve but until that happens I’m no longer enduring 3 hours of horrible wrestling that has one good act.

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