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Wrestlemania 37 Predictions (Night Two)

Last night’s event was pretty good. It was awesome to see Banks and Belair main event and they delivered a really great match to close the show. I also enjoyed Bad Bunny’s performance, you can tell he put work into training for the match and that Canadian Destroyer was incredible, so I have to give a huge shout out to him. Anyway, night two should deliver like night one because this card is pretty stacked. Let’s get started.

Riddle (c) vs Sheamus – US Championship

I’ve actually enjoyed this feud unlike others. I love the dynamic of having completely different characters clashing. and I think Sheamus and Riddle have pretty good chemistry with each other. Riddle should retain here as he hasn’t held the belt for long but I wouldn’t mind Sheamus taking the W here. He’s had a brilliant last 3 months so if he was to win I wouldn’t be angry whatsoever. Still taking Riddle though.

Prediction: Riddle

Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (c) vs Tamina & Natalya – Women’s Tag Team Championships

I didn’t expect Tamina and Natalya to win at all last night. I didn’t get the point of them being last in the turmoil as well. To be honest that whole match was horrible in terms of writing and the wrestling was that much better either. Hopefully the women’s tag division provide us with something better tonight. I have no clue who’s winning this match. Maybe WWE will give Tamina her Wrestlemania moment after years of her doing basically nothing in WWE, so I’ll pick her and Natty for the win.

Prediction: Tamina & Natalya

Big E (c) vs Apollo Crews – Nigerian Drum Intercontinental Championship Match

I have no clue what a Nigerian Drum match is, but as a Nigerian it sounds stupid. This whole Apollo Nigerian character is stupid as well. It’s the accent. It sounds like the accents in Black Panther, which isn’t a good thing. If they had done this whole heritage thing without the accent, this new Apollo would be incredible but the accent ruins it all. Onto the match, Apollo has got to win this right? E has beaten him twice and I don’t see the point of Apollo’s character switch if he doesn’t win the belt. E doesn’t need the belt as well, he’s a bonafide star. Crews needs this win for this new character to have some credibility. I’m taking Crews.

Prediction: Apollo Crews

Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn w/Logan Paul

It’s crazy what six years can do. Hearing Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens back in 2015 was huge back in NXT. I don’t feel any excitement going into this. They’ll probably give us a decent match but I just don’t care about this feud. In terms of predictions, Kevin should win and Sami should complain which will continue his conspiracy theory gimmick. I hope they deliver on that by the way. We’ve spent months on this so the ultimate reveal should be worth the wait.

Prediction: Kevin Owens

“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton

Finally we can end this feud. It’s literally been half a year. The lack of a stipulation caught me off guard. This is the rubber match, there should be a stipulation. Anyway, Fiend should win and dominate this match. This is the rebirth of the character after Randy burnt him alive. I wonder what’s next for Bray and Alexa after this.

Prediction: Bray Wyatt

Asuka (c) vs Rhea Ripley – Raw Women’s Championship

This division needs new life and Rhea is that new life. She should’ve beaten Charlotte last year for the NXT belt so I hope they give her the win tonight. As much as I love Asuka, her run as champion has been so stale and I barely remember any of her title matches. The only one that comes to me now is the one vs Sasha Banks, apart from that, I’m blank. Rhea should get the belt tonight, if not they’re throwing this division under the bus.

Prediction: Rhea Ripley

Roman Reigns (c) vs Edge vs Daniel Bryan – Universal Championship

First of all, credit to all three of these men for making this feud the best thing to happen to WWE in the last year. I’ve been impressed by all three of these guys when it comes to promos and the build going into this. So who wins? WWE have built all three so well that they can go with anyone of these guys. Bryan could repeat what he did at Wrestlemania 30, being the underdog going into a triple threat at Mania after having to scratch and claw for the opportunity to be in the match. Edge has been scintillating as well. However, I don’t expect him to win. He could, but I’m not sure what they’ll gain by putting the belt on him. Reigns to retain makes sense because he’s been dominant ever since becoming champ and Vince loves Roman. I’m going with Bryan though. Just because of the story he has with Reigns and making him tap. I think he’ll make Roman tap.

Prediction: Daniel Bryan

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