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Wrestlemania 37 Predictions (Night One)

The show of shows is on tonight and we’ll finally have fans back for it. It’s another two night event and it’ll be very interesting to compare it to NXT Stand & Deliver which was excellent on Wednesday and Thursday.

Natalya & Tamina vs Naomi & Lana vs Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke vs Riott Squad vs Carmella & Billie Kay- No.1 Contender Tag Team Turmoil

This division has been a mess in the build to Mania. WWE have just thrown a lot of these teams together over the last few months and no one has really been pushed properly to make them a credible threat. I think there’s only one real option to face the champs, and that is Naomi and Lana. Last night’s mini momentum boost to Tamina & Natalya doesn’t sway me to pick them for the win. When it comes to the last three teams, I feel like they’re there to fill the numbers.

Prediction: Naomi & Lana

The New Day (c) vs AJ Styles & Omos Raw Tag Team Championships

This feud has been interesting, not the good type of interesting though. It’s been weird… I don’t get why this is even a thing. They could’ve kept the Hurt Business together and have them challenge for the belts but I digress. WWE have been building up to an Omos and AJ split throughout this feud and I think Omos will make a mistake that Woods and Kingston capitalise on. New Day retain. Omos and Styles break up on Raw.

Prediction: New Day

Seth Rollins vs Cesaro

I think this is Cesaro’s time to shine. We’ve waited 7 years for him to get a main event level push and I believe tonight is the night we might see it. I genuinely think he may get moved to Raw in the draft or shakeup (whatever the hell they call it) and be a main event figure by the end of Summer. Rollins doesn’t need to win this match, we all know his quality and there’s no real benefit for him if he wins unless they move him to Raw or the Intercontinental championship scene. It’s gotta be Cesaro’s time right?

Prediction: Cesaro

Shane McMahon vs Braun Strowman – Steel Cage

I hate Shane. I hate this feud. I hate whoever thought this feud was a good idea. Shane will 100% attempt suicide by jumping off the cage. I don’t care who wins so I’ll take Braun. Next!

Prediction: Braun Strowman

Bad Bunny & Damian Priest vs Miz & Morrison

Another feud I don’t care about whatsoever. Bad Bunny and Priest makes sense because Bunny is a celebrity. It’s crazy to think Miz was WWE champion just over a month ago.

Prediction: Bad Bunny & Damian Priest

Sasha Banks (c) vs Bianca Belair – Smackdown Women’s Championship

The build to this match has been boring. They’ve had since January to make something special with these two talented women and they’ve done nothing but talk about how they’re gonna win. I think we all know the match will be special. As I said before, these women are talented and I’m confident they’ll put on a match for the ages. In terms of who wins, Belair makes sense, she’s the upcoming talent and it’ll be brilliant to have her inaugural title win at Wrestlemania. However, this could be a trilogy feud. There’s no one on Smackdown being built up to fight for the title so we could have Bianca experience heartbreak tonight but win at one of the following PPV’s. I’m really unsure with this pick but I’m going with Bianca for the win.

Prediction: Bianca Belair

Bobby Lashley (c) vs Drew McIntyre – WWE Championship

This is another tough one for the main event. It’s highly possible that Drew could regain the belt so he gets the Wrestlemania main event win with the crowd because he didn’t get that last year. However, this would cause an uproar from the fans who have grown to love Lashley and taking the belt off him just after a month seems criminal to someone who has worked for 16/17 years to get to the top. If Lashley won the belt last year, when Orton won the belt and held it up until now, I would’ve confidently picked McIntyre, yet I think the reign of Lashley has got to be longer than a month so I’m leaning towards the “Almighty.” Another thing that is swaying me towards picking Lashley is the question of, who does Drew face if he wins and will it be exciting and fresh? To that my answer is no not really. I think Lashley has to keep the strap tonight.

Prediction: Bobby Lashley

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