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Rambling About: The Hurt Business Split

As you probably know already, WWE broke up The Hurt Business. Why? No one actually knows. This group has been the only shining light on Raw for the last year and I genuinely don’t see why they broke up the stable.

It all started with Alexander and Benjamin dropping the tag titles to the New Day, who don’t need the belts as they’ve established themselves as one of the best tag teams of all time. If WWE had THB beat those guys, that would’ve cemented their legacy as a certified top team and would’ve helped the whole faction assert their dominance over Raw. Instead they lost the belts in the space of a couple of months.

Now, Benjamin and Alexander have been casted out of the group, leaving MVP and Bobby Lashley. If this was their plan all along to have Lashley as champion with MVP as his mouthpiece I don’t see why they’ve could’ve just done that in the first place. This group gave two under-utilised guys a chance to shine and they did. I hope Alexander and Benjamin stay as a tag team and challenge for the titles once again. However, I feel like we won’t see those two on our screens much after Wrestlemania.

WWE have this issue that really irritates me. They love to break up/bury teams and factions before they assert themselves fully on the roster. Here are some examples – The Nexus, Legacy, Rusev Day, The Corre and even The Shield, I think they could’ve got at least 3 years together before they were split and pushed to be the biggest stars in the company.

This recurring cycle of having something good and letting it go is too much of a common theme with WWE in the modern era and it needs to stop, because what results from it is never good. All you have to do is look at Legacy and The Nexus.

I’m praying this is all a rouse and they get them back together post Mania, however, I feel like I’m clutching at straws.

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