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Rambling About: The Universal Title Scene

At Fastlane on Sunday the main event, Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan, had a controversial finish helping Reigns retain his championship. However, does this screw finish mean we’ll get a triple threat at Wrestlemania?

I’m sure we’ll find out on Friday but I hope it does. As much as Roman’s character work has improved, his in-ring work isn’t that much better than it was before his heel turn. Having him go against a 47 year old Edge 1v1 for 30 mins isn’t a good idea. All you have to do is look at Mania 32 and 33 where he faced Triple H and Undertaker and you’ll see it’s extremely obvious that Roman can’t carry a match with an ageing opponent. I know Edge has looked good since coming back but we haven’t seen him in a long 1v1 match yet. In the Royal Rumble, he had time to rest and recover, there’s no time for that in a regular match.

This is why I think Bryan should be added to this match. Yes, it’s somewhat similar to the Mania 30 storyline but I’d 100% relive a Daniel Bryan underdog story once again. He doesn’t even need to win the match. Just having that third element makes this feud even more interesting especially after Edge cost Bryan the title at Fastlane.

Even though the spear vs spear dynamic is really cool, that’s the only thing that draws me to this match, so adding a third star in Bryan makes this feud much better. It’ll also make the resulting match better as well. As of now, Bryan is heads and shoulders above both of these guys so I’m sure with that third element you can create new spots to spice up the match. Imagine a scenario where Bryan has the LeBell lock on Edge and then Reigns comes out of nowhere and puts the Guillotine on Bryan.

I think you also add so many more possibilities with the winner as well. I expect it to be Reigns, but if they wanted to they could have Reigns lose and not be in the decision. Then he could go on a rampage to win the belt back. I’m just throwing ideas out but I’m 100% certain that if they push for this triple threat at Mania, this would create a much better main event than Edge vs Reigns 1-on-1.

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