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Shaq vs Big Show in AEW?

A couple of days ago the Big Show left WWE for AEW. He’ll go under his government name, Paul Wight and the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion is now added to the vast amount of wrestlers that have made the switch to AEW from WWE.

This was a huge shock to me. Wight has been a Vince guy for over 20 years now and I never expected him to make the move to WWE’s biggest rivals. I think the fact that a man such as Wight, who’s stuck with WWE through multiple era’s has gone to AEW is testament to the work done by Tony Khan and co to create a brilliant wrestling company in AEW.

Wight clearly sees a direction and plan for AEW to grow, which is something that clearly can’t be said about WWE, who make the majority of their booking plans on the fly, leaving talent with no idea what they’re doing until they reach the curtain backstage.

So, will we get Wight vs Shaq in AEW? I think so. Shaq is going to compete with Cody and Red Velvet on March 3rd, so what’s stopping the 4 time NBA champion from coming in the ring again to face off against Wight?

Also, I think this match will happen simply because WWE have wanted to do this match for years. They had both men face-off in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale, to tease a potential feud in WWE, so I wouldn’t be surprised if AEW get it done just to irritate WWE, who’ve had the dream of doing this feud for years. Furthermore, as the NBA and AEW being on TNT, which allows for an easy contract signing because this will only benefit TNT and not another TV company like Fox or USA Network.

AEW taking one of the most influential WWE wrestlers from right under their noses is a huge move and I’m sure that we’ll see more guys and girls make the switch from WWE to AEW. I wonder if we’ll ever see someone make the switch the other way?

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