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Elimination Chamber 2021 Predictions

I love the Elimination Chamber, the old version was my favourite match in the WWE when I was younger. Since 2017 it has been PGfied, but it’s still a fun match nonetheless. Let’s get into the predictions.

Bobby Lashley (c) vs Riddle vs Keith Lee – US Championship

Keith Lee may not be available for this match but even then, I wouldn’t have picked him to take the win anyway because he’s not really pivotal in this feud. Lashley as of late has been losing his mind over Riddle defeating him and I think we’re going to see him completely snap after losing to Riddle on Sunday. There’s not much more to say on this one.

Prediction: Riddle

Drew McIntyre (c) vs Aj Styles vs Sheamus vs Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton vs Kofi Kingston – WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match

I feel like the obvious pick is Drew to retain but they could throw a curveball at us. The only other person I could see taking the win is Sheamus as he’s been built up because of his feud with the champion. Styles doesn’t need the belt right now and I think while he’s with Omos he won’t win a major title. Orton is busy with Alexa Bliss and the Fiend and I expect that to run to Wrestlemania and both Kofi and Jeff are here to fill the empty spots and probably hit a highflying move from the top of the cell pod. So out of Sheamus and Drew I don’t see the point of Drew dropping the belt, just to gain it back again at Mania. However, they did that with him and Orton towards the end of last year. Nevertheless, I’m sticking with Drew. It’s the only option that really makes sense.

Prediction: Drew McIntyre

Daniel Bryan vs Cesaro vs Kevin Owens vs Jey Uso vs Sami Zayn vs King Corbin – No.1 Contendership for Universal Championship

This is definitely the Chamber match I’m looking forward to the most. There are so many possibilities to go through. We’ll start with Bryan, who was rumoured to have a match with Reigns at the end of last year, yet plans were delayed. Have they been delayed for now.? Or have they been completely cancelled? Cesaro, who apart from Elimination Chamber 2014 has never been in a major title match. He’s been built up over the last couple of months and I think he deserves a title match against Reigns the most out of all these guys. Owens, who’s faced Reigns multiple times over the last few months. I think the Owens Reigns feud is dead and even if the match is short, I don’t want to see it again. Uso. Roman’s right hand man at the moment. I can imagine Jey winning, and laying down for Roman to give the champ an easy night at the office. Zayn and Corbin are just here to fill the numbers, I have no theories for them. So out of those first four, who to pick? I’m going with Cesaro, I think he’s due the title match. However, what will happen is that Seth Rollins will attack the Swiss Superman before or during the match and will give Roman the win and we could see a heel reuniting of The former Shield brothers.

Prediction: Cesaro to win Chamber but lose to Reigns

I’m really looking forward to this PPV tomorrow, it’ll be a good one for sure!

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