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Rambling About: Undisputed Era’s Split

At NXT Takeover Vengeance on Sunday after Finn Balor defeated Pete Dunne in a brilliant match, Adam Cole turned his back on Kyle O’Reilly and attacked the NXT champion in the process. Leaving Roderick Strong bewildered and confused.

To be honest, I knew this was coming. It all adds up as we go into the Wrestlemania season once again and NXT needs a big feud going into March and April, but I’m still excited nonetheless. I have a few theories on what could potentially happen going into this feud, so I’ll lay them out for you.

Theory no.1 – Finn Balor becomes the new leader of the UE. We know Balor and O’Reilly are friends now due to their mutual respect for one another after their two terrific matches, which left Adam Cole jealous and outcasted, however, we don’t know where Strong and Bobby Fish stands. Fish should be returning soon after his triceps injury two months ago so he should also play a factor in this feud. What I think could happen is that, Cole joins forces with Dunne, Lorcan and Burch to form their own faction and then Fish and Strong side with Balor and O’Reilly to form a new UE. Then we could potentially get a crazy 4v4 tag match between these two teams. The only reason I think this would be unlikely is because I’d expect NXT to want to have a title match on a PPV card and if not, have a massive stipulation to the level of War Games, which could happen with these guys’ star power.

My other theory is that we get a fatal 4 way for the title. This would mean that Fish’s return would have to be delayed but essentially what would happen is that, Dunne, Lorcan and Burch would go off to do their own thing and we’d have Cole vs Balor vs O’Reilly vs Strong at the Wrestlemania 37 weekend PPV. This would entail Strong going his own way after being fed up with all the dissension between O’Reilly and Cole and feeling like he’s the one always being left out. In fact, thinking about it now, we could have a UE triple threat or fatal 4 way depending on Fish’s return and the winner can go on to face Balor for the title at the Mania weekend PPV. The only problem with this is that, the only two members of the UE that have been built up are O’Reilly and Cole but I’m sure Triple H can make it work somehow with the other two.

I’m really liking where NXT is going right now with their main event scene. There are so many possibilities going into the next two months and I can’t wait to see what they deliver to us!

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