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Will Roman Reigns WIN the Royal Rumble? (Royal Rumble Predictions)

It’s been a long time since I’ve done WWE predictions but it’s Royal Rumble weekend and I think this is the perfect time to bring them back. It’s going to be weird having a Rumble in an empty stadium, but it is what it is. Let’s get into the predictions!

Asuka & Charlotte Flair (c) vs Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax – Women’s Tag Titles

I don’t even know why Asuka and Flair have the belts right now. I also don’t know why they’re friends because Asuka should loathe Charlotte with every fibre of her being. She is the one superstar that consistently has her number, so why team up with her? WWE logic strikes again. Baszler and Jax were decent with the titles and definitely deserve them back. With their Lana table obsession, they actually gave the least interesting title in WWE some attention. I think and hope WWE noticed that and will put the titles back on the former champs, starting the dissension between Flair and Asuka.

Prediction – Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax

Sasha Banks (c) vs Carmella – Smackdown Women’s Championship

This feud has been pretty interesting, In my opinion, it’s either they do Bianca Belair vs one of these two women. Sasha is a face right now and so is Bianca, so maybe it makes sense to pick Mella, but I think they could make a face vs face feud between Belair and Banks work, especially as they are such similar characters. I’m going with Banks because I expect them to do the Banks Belair feud going into Wrestlemania.

Prediction: Sasha Banks

Drew McIntyre (c) vs Goldberg – WWE Championship

There was Sheamus and Keith Lee available, why Goldberg. We all know this is going to be 5 minutes long and a simple signature and finisher fest. If they put the title on Goldberg, fans will riot virtually and WWE will lose more of their loyal core of fans. Knowing this company, they’ll probably do that because ‘he’s a legend and a household name,’ so Vince thinks that will get them more ratings. I hope not. There’s no need to feed Drew to Oldberg. So I’m going with the Scotsman.

Prediction – Drew McIntyre

Roman Reigns (c) vs Kevin Owens – Universal Championship (Last Man Standing)

Roman is one of the best things about WWE right now, which has been Vince’s dream for the last six years, so there’s no way he’s dropping the belt to KO. I actually wonder who they’ll pick to beat Roman because I can see him holding that blue belt for a long long time.

Prediction – Roman Reigns

Women’s Royal Rumble

For me there are three options, two good options, one bad option. The two good options are Alexa Bliss and Bianca Belair. Alexa Bliss winning the Rumble to face Asuka at Wrestlemania makes sense as they’ve planted the seeds of that feud on Raw. The only way I see Alexa losing this match is if ‘regular’ Alexa shows up. If Fiend Alexa appears it’s a wrap for everyone. Belair facing Banks at Mania also makes sense. They’ve been building her up for the past couple of weeks and I’d love to see those two share the ring with each other. They’re very similar characters, which I feel will make the dynamic even better for a match at ‘The Show of Shows.’ The bad option is Charlotte Flair. The more I think about this one, the more likely it becomes my prediction. Charlotte could win the Rumble and face her teammate Asuka for the title, which, if this was anyone else, would be ok. However, it’s Miss Flair, who is unnecessarily forced down our throats so no fan with common sense would enjoy this. Charlotte won last year, but that doesn’t stop them from doing it again. Nevertheless, I’m going with Belair. If Belair doesn’t win on Sunday, she wins at Elimination Chamber.

Prediction – Bianca Belair

Men’s Royal Rumble

For this one, I have five options. I’ll give the obvious two first. Daniel Bryan, who’s feud with Roman Reigns has been postponed multiple times. and Shinsuke Nakamura, who was screwed in the Gauntlet match to face Reigns for the title. Those are the most popular picks among fans. My other two options are Jimmy Uso, who could make his return after a lengthy injury. He also has some unfinished business with Roman Reigns as the Tribal Chief attacked him in his match with his brother. Jimmy still hasn’t conformed to Roman yet if I’m not mistaken, so that storyline would be crazy as we could get the Jimmy vs Jey matchup that I predicted to happen at the start of the year. Speaking of Roman, I think Roman could win the Rumble. He seems to have all the power in WWE right now so what is stopping him from entering the Rumble, winning and then ranting on Smackdown that no one is worthy of facing him because he won the Rumble. Finally, my extremely crazy option is The Miz. Imagine if The Miz wins the Rumble, faces Drew or Goldberg at Mania, he gets squashed, but after the match he cashes in the MITB while they’re celebrating. That would be hilarious. Out of those options, the correct choice is Daniel Bryan, but there’s no fun in that pick. I’m going with Roman Reigns. Why not?! I have nothing on the line.

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