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Looking Back at ‘3 Somewhat Crazy Wrestling Predictions for 2020’

At the start of the year, I made a post looking at my ‘3 somewhat crazy predictions’ in the world of wrestling. You can look at that here. It’s definitely been a crazy year, especially in wrestling. So let’s see how many of these wild predictions I got right, if any.

1. AEW or NXT will have a show that has better ratings than Smackdown

We start off with a correct prediction! As Smackdown moved to FS1 due to the World Series, AEW did beat Smackdown in ratings in October. This also wasn’t a fluke. AEW also had World Series games to contend with, in addition with another wrestling show as well. Although it was one week out 50 (so far) I’ll take this as win for me as technically I was right, although it wasn’t in normal circumstances.

2. Matt Riddle defeats Brock Lesnar

Well, this clearly didn’t happen. Riddle did get promoted to the main roster this year, which I did predict correctly. However, by the time he was promoted, Lesnar had left. I think we could’ve potentially seen this match this year as Vince McMahon is clearly behind Riddle, but I don’t think he would’ve beaten ‘The Beast’ if they were to step into the ring together. I do think this match will happen eventually. Maybe next year? Unlike most fans, I don’t mind Brock being around. JUST DON’T GIVE THE MAN A TITLE.

3. Roman goes titleless again

Speaking of titles, this one was stupid. Reigns is the current Universal Champion so I was way off with this one. The man literally won the belt in his first match back, a match that he came late for, hit a few spears and left with the belt. If I’m being honest, he would’ve won it at Wrestlemania against Goldberg if it wasn’t for him protecting himself from COVID. So this one was definitely a long shot and by far the worst prediction of them all.

In conclusion, 1/3, which isn’t too bad as these are supposed to be outlandish. I’ll definitely be making one of these for 2021 so keep alert for that.

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