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Will Amanda Nunes Clear Out the UFC Featherweight Division?

Amanda Nunes, The greatest female fighter of all time. Currently on an 11 fight win streak that goes back to 2014 and in my eyes the second best pound for pound fighter in the UFC behind Khabib Nurmagomedov. Will anyone beat her?

Nunes fights at UFC 256 in December against Megan Anderson for her Featherweight title. If Nunes wins this fight, which she most likely will as in my eyes she’s levels above Anderson, who is a good fighter by the way, then this could possibly be the end for the 145lbs division.

There are two reasons for me believing this. Firstly, Nunes has steamrolled through everyone in the division so there isn’t anyone else for her to beat in the UFC, unless they somehow resign Cat Zingano, who just recently signed for Bellator after a two year hiatus for fighting. Secondly, this is the last fight of Megan Anderson’s contract and till this day, two months after this fight had been announced, she hasn’t received a contract offer from the UFC.

It could be possible that the UFC are waiting to see if Anderson pulls off a win against the GOAT to see if they keep the division running. If so, this shows the little faith they have in Anderson’s ability to beat Nunes.

I’m sure Megan probably would’ve realised this and will go into the fight with an extra chip on her shoulder. If this is the case, I really hope Megan pushes Amanda to her limits, with her good striking and improved jiu jitsu, which she put on display in her win over Zarah Fairn last year at UFC 243 with a triangle choke.

This could potentially be the end of the women’s 145lbs division. Which would be pretty sad to be honest. I hope the UFC find a way to keep it running, however if it’s not benefiting the company, then it should probably have to go.

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