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The Undisputed Era vs The Shield

In modern WWE there have been no factions that have come close to the Undisputed Era and The Shield in terms of how well the group worked on TV, the quality of their matches and their effect on either NXT or the main rosters.

I think the Wyatt Family could’ve been up there with these two if they were booked correctly. I believe feuds such as the two Wrestlemania losses to John Cena and The Undertaker didn’t make Bray and his followers seem like a credible threat and this really halted the career of Bray at the time. However, if the Wyatt’s never failed, we would’ve never got The Fiend.

Anyways, when The UE were tearing through NXT towards the end of 2017 and the start of 2018 there was always one feud that I wanted to see them in, and that was with The Shield. Obviously, this feud will not happen anytime soon due to Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley leaving WWE for AEW, but one can hope and imagine what would’ve occured.

I’d suspect it would be the UE’s debut feud on the main roster and it would be at Wrestlemania. I think it would be really interesting to see the two dynamics of the team coming at blows. We have The Shield, a team in which you have three different personalities: Seth Rollins, the architect, the one who keeps them in shape and the brains behind the group. Dean Ambrose, the lunatic fringe, off the rails and crazy. Lastly, Roman Reigns, the powerhouse, the badass of the group.

In comparison to the UE, who have four members who are essentially all the same in the way they walk, talk and even wrestle. There’s no highflyer or powerhouse of the UE. They are all just in-ring technicians.

I feel like the during the feud the UE would definitely use this to their advantage and will try and separate the Shield and cause dissention within the group.

I can picture the brawls on Raw before their match as well. I haven’t even mentioned any stipulations as well. A regular match between these two incredible teams would be great but imagine an extreme rules match or an elimination match or even a Tornado Tag Match where it’s just an all out brawl. The possibilities are endless.

This definitely could’ve been one of the faction wars of the PG era but I guess we can only imagine what would’ve happened if it occured.

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