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Ranking Major Wrestling Championship Belts

The major title. All wrestlers dream of holding one no matter the company. All major titles should be expertly put together and should have intricate designs that show off it’s prestige and value, giving reason to why wrestlers scratch and claw to obtain them. Today, I’ll be ranking the seven major titles based off their looks.

7. WWE Universal Championship

I've been seeing this Blue Universal Title on YouTube thumbnails which made  me think.... Is it possible for the Universal Title be drafted on Smackdown  and we get to see the title

I think we all know this one was going to be last. This title is a disgrace to wrestling and doesn’t come anywhere near the top 5 titles in this list. It’s simply just lazy from WWE. It’s literally just a blue title with a massive WWE logo written slap bang in the middle of it. I do like the shape of the belt, but the rest of it sucks. It’s very simple and every other WWE Title looks like it.


6. WWE Championship

5 Superstars who will win the WWE Championship in the future

Speaking of every WWE title looking exactly the same, we have the WWE Championship. Which only ranks higher than the Universal title due to its colour scheme being much better. I like the black and gold, however this is essentially the same thing as the Universal Title but two years older.


5. Impact World Championship

Impact World Championship - Wikipedia

It gets a lot tougher from here as we now move onto the Impact belt. I like the shape and size and the detail they’ve added such as the falcon at the top of the belt. However, for me the red on the belt is a let down. I don’t mind it on the plates of the belt, yet the centre part ruins it for me.


4. IWGP Heavyweight Championship

IWGP Heavyweight Championship | Pro Wrestling | Fandom

To rank this at number four is very tough because I like it a lot and I personally think it’s the most valuable title in all of wrestling. I love the crest shape of the championship, however the blend of gold and silver on this belt isn’t for me as it takes away the instant draw towards the belt. I love the side plates on this belt. I think it’s brilliant how they put every champions first title win on the belt, providing the belt with honour and respect to its previous holders.


3. Lucha Underground Championship

Lucha Underground Championship - Wikipedia

I don’t think this image does it justice because this title is a thing of beauty. The design is detailed and I love the lucha mask in the centre of the belt. The side plates are really nice as well. The only thing that slightly draws me away from this belt is the oval shape. Some people may love it, some may hate it, but I believe it makes the title look slightly odd if you were new to Lucha Underground and it took me a few months to get used to.


2. Ring of Honour World Championship

ROH World Championship - Wikipedia

This one may be a shock as I could see why people may have it at number four, but there’s something that really attracts me to this belt. The shape is perfect, same with the shade of gold. I think the part around the logo, captivates me, almost as if it hypnotises me to like the belt. The small crown at the top to signify who the king of ROH also attracts me to the belt and small little details like that put this title at number two in my opinion.


1.AEW World Championship

AEW World Championship - Wikipedia

Simply perfect. There are so many little details added to this belt to create the full image that screams prestige. The shape is perfect. Unlike the IWGP belt, the silver and gold complement each other to attract the audience to the belt. I genuinely see nothing wrong with this belt and it’s the pinnacle of all championship belts in wrestling. I wish they could make a belt for the women’s division that looked this good, because in comparison to this, that title is an absolute disgrace.


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