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The END of the Undisputed Era?

Another brilliant NXT Takeover in the books after Sunday’s action. However, this event really made me realise how much a live crowd contributes to a wrestling show. The NXT performance centre guys did a decent job, but it’s nothing like the real thing. I’m sure this could’ve gone down as a top 10 Takeover of all time if we had a crowd to help with the atmosphere.

Anyways, in terms of predictions, I got 5/5, I think this card was pretty easy to predict, yet there were still many surprises such as the returns of Toni Storm and Ember Moon. All the champions retained, which storyline wise, made sense and Kushida beat the Velveteen Dream in a pretty good match.

The main event is what I really want to delve into though. We got Kyle O’Reilly coming up short in one of the best matches of the year with Finn Balor. I mentioned in my last post that Kyle is my favourite wrestler on the planet and he proved himself as a singles competitor on Sunday.

Nevertheless, there were a few hints which may’ve showed dissension within the Undisputed Era. The first thing I noticed was that during the match, none of the members of the faction came to help Kyle win. I know they’re faces now, so they don’t cheat as much anymore, yet it was still weird that during periods where Kyle was being dominated by Balor, neither Cole, Strong or Fish came to his aid.

Now, the most noticeable thing which showed a potential break-up for the greatest faction in modern WWE (yes, better than The Shield) was the fact that after the match, Ridge Holland attacked Adam Cole and dumped him at ringside. This caused Strong and Fish to come out to check on their leader, instead of catering to their other teammate who had just been in a hellacious match for the NXT Title.

I wonder where NXT will go with this on Wednesday. I hope I’m just looking too far into this, but from what I’ve pointed out, I feel like the seeds have just been planted and this could be the beginning of the end for The UE.

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