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We’ve only waited 6 years for this Vince

Six years, it only took six years for Vince McMahon to make Roman Reigns not only interesting, but the most interesting character in WWE.

It’s a moment wrestling fans have been waiting for for half a dozen years, but better late than I guess. Reigns’ return at Summerslam was a huge shock for me and it was nice to see Reigns come out as a badass heel instead of his regular Superman, John Cena 2.0 self.

To add to this, Reigns being a Paul Heyman guy, gives him the mouthpiece we always wanted him to have, while he can be the quiet assassin, similar to how he was in The Shield.

I think it’s a great that Roman is a heel and will face his cousin Jey Uso for the Universal Championship at Clash of Champions, a feud in which Reigns has been passive so far. This shows the glimmer of his babyface self. I think Jey stealing the pinfall last night on Smackdown was genius and it highlights a slight dissension between the two that will pay off at the PPV. I believe Heyman will begin to really get into the head of Reigns and plant the idea in the Universal Champion’s head that the title is more important than family, solidifying the heel turn we saw a month ago at Summerslam.

I’m not a fan of the new catchphrase ‘Wreck everyone and leave’ but that is a minor issue that doesn’t bother me too much.

This new Roman Reigns has really got me interested in the development of his character, Jey Uso’s character, how Jimmy will react when he returns and Roman’s relationship with Paul Heyman.

Like it or not, Roman’s return has given Smackdown something fresh in it’s main event scene and I think it’s good that we’ve diverted from the Strowman vs Wyatt feud that we had going on for the majority of the summer as that was getting stale.

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2 replies on “We’ve only waited 6 years for this Vince”

Interesting views on Reigns. Yes, he is a better bad-ass but I still he he really stinks the joint out as the man can’t wrestle and there is no getting away from that fact. We knew he was going to have the tile bestowed upon him soon as he returned. This is one of the major problems with the WWE – they are just too predictable. The addition of Heyman may help or he might just go from a Cena 2.0 to a Brock 2.0 but without the talent.


That’s a good point, Reigns’ in ring talent won’t improve and I think he’ll still get carried in a lot of his matches, especially again Uso next week. I hope he does add to his moveset like Cena did a few ago, as I’m sure if he doesn’t the crowd will forget the hype about the heel turn and get on his case again for being an average wrestler.


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