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Who will Beat Jon Moxley for the AEW Championship?

A couple of nights ago we had another good AEW show, in All Out 2020. I liked the show, but I still think it could’ve been better. There were a couple of matches that I thought would be all time classics that weren’t but were still solid matches. Matches such as FTR vs Page and Omega.

I also thought the match between Swole and Baker was actually pretty fun. It was different, but fun. I like to see some creativity in my wrestling and AEW didn’t disappoint with that in this show. There was a variety of matches all over the card.

I also want to wish Matt Hardy a speedy recovery as he took a horrible fall in his bout with Sammy Guevara landing on the back of his head after a pretty high fall onto the bare floor. I respect the fact that the legend tried his best to complete the match as well. This is one of the many reasons Matt is one of the best to ever step into the ring. Apparently, we’ll see him on Wednesday Dynamite, which means he’s somehow made an incredible recovery.

The main thing I want to talk about though is the main event, where Jon Moxley retained his AEW Championship against MJF. I’m certain we’ll get a rematch between these two due to the finish, as Jon did use the Paradigm Shift while the referee was distracted even though the move was banned for this match.

However, will MJF defeat Moxley? To be honest, I don’t think so and since Lance Archer won the Casino Battle Royale, he’s next in line for a shot at the championship. I think Archer is a brilliant talent and is a future pro wrestling star but will AEW put him over Moxley? Hell no.

I believe Moxley will hold the title for at least another 6 months, just so the title has some serious weight behind it, even though it does already. The reason I expect Moxley will hold the title for at least another 6 months is because I think when travel restrictions lessen in the USA, PAC will make his return to AEW and take the title off of him.

It sounds wild but it’s my hot take on AEW for the rest of this year going into next and I’m sticking by my guns with this one. AEW have a rich history of making former WWE guys champions in their company and I won’t put it past them for PAC to make a shocking return with the help of Death Triangle to become a dominant champion.

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