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The Biggest Problem With Wrestling Fans

As a fan of wrestling, I think it’s safe to say there are a lot of things that wrestling fans do that are annoying. Things like, constant complaining, always comparing the good old days to whatever we have now and, the ‘What!’ chants.

However, there’s one thing worse than all of those things I’ve just listed in my opinion. And it’s complaining that ___ isn’t World Champion. This is something I see all the time on social media and it really grinds my gears. Fans, especially WWE fans, want every single former NXT star to be a World Champion. There’s over 100 guys and girls on both main roster’s combined. And there are two main titles. Unless, everyone has a title reign of a week, not everyone can be champion in the first 3 months of their arrival on the main roster.

Also, these fans know, the huge difference in the style of wrestling from NXT to the main roster, and they know what Vince McMahon likes in a wrestler, so would you really expect your favourite 200 lbs wrestler to be a main eventer? Or the man who can’t speak English fluently and gets hit with the ‘What!’ chants the second he speaks. At the end of the day, nowadays WWE is more of a business than it was back in the day, when it was really good might I add, and this is why you have the likes of Reigns and Cena being poster boys for the company.

I used to think like this, if I’m being honest. When guys like Sami Zayn and Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas (still not over it) got promoted to the main roster I thought they’d be as good as they were in NXT but then I realised that not everyone is going to be World Champion and when you have guys that Vince has cherry-picked himself, such as Reigns and Strowman, all the guys from NXT are already on the backfoot, on their quest to become World Champion.

It’s clear to me that all the NXT guys have to have something interesting about their character to have a chance of doing well on the main roster, this is why Finn Balor’s main roster career started off so well, because he had the demon.

It’s annoying for us avid NXT fans to see talent leave and not be utilised but it’s the harsh reality. So stop complaining about it and just watch AEW because it’s twice as good as WWE.

( During this piece, I basically did everything I said I hated about Wrestling fans in the first paragraph throughout. Yep, I’m a hypocrite.)

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