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Is The Miz The Leader of RETRIBUTION?

You’ve probably read the title and you’re thinking, ‘What the hell is he on about?’ But give me a chance to explain.

So, if we look at the recent weeks of Smackdown, whenever RETRIBUTION attack The Miz always finds a way to avoid the fight. Last week, when RETRIBUTION struck backstage, every superstar protecting ringside went backstage to fight of the new faction, apart from The Miz.

At first I thought this was The Miz being the self-centered egomaniac he is, even though his excuse was that he was only interested in his teammate John Morrison who was facing Big E in a match.

However, after this week, The Miz showed up to fend off RETRIBUTION after the rest off the locker room had already seen off the threat. This couldn’t have been a botch because the camera’s clearly panned on Miz coming in late so it’s not as if WWE were trying to avoid the fact that The Miz came in 30 seconds after the threat was gone.

I think The Miz is the leader of this new stable and I can’t wait to see where they go with this after Summerslam tomorrow.

It could be that The Miz is one of many main roster stars that are leading this new group and we may be given hints to some of the others soon.

One last thing that was noted during Smackdown was that there were more members of RETRIBUTION, This could be a part of a slow takeover of WWE from possibly, under-utilised stars or NXT roster members. I think we’ll see more and more stars wearing the ominous black attire of RETRIBUTION.

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