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AEW Must Revamp Their Women’s Division

AEW shows are great! There’s no doubt about that in my mind. However, if there’s one thing they’re lacking in, it’s women’s wrestling.

We have some brilliant wrestlers in the women’s division as well, the current champion, Hikaru Shida put on a great match against Diamante on this week’s show. Diamante also had a good match with Ivelisse last week showing that the women can definitely put on a show, yet the division still doesn’t get the push that’s needed.

I think one huge problem with AEW is that a lot of the Executives and Presidents are all talent so they would all want TV time to promote themselves as they have the power to and they can make more money. Of course, I cannot deny the likes of Cody, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks are huge draws, but it cannot be disputed that these guys take a huge chunk of the two hours of AEW programming that could be spent building a solid women’s division. It’s difficult to say this is wrong because, at the end of the day, most people watch AEW to see those guys wrestle.

Another issue that takes time away from the women performing is the fact that AEW is overfilled with high calibre men’s talent. The ratio of world-renowned male stars in the company compared to female stars is out of this world. This is the one key thing I think WWE has over AEW in all aspects. We currently have Bayley and Sasha Banks being the best act in the whole of WWE, practically carrying Raw and Smackdown. The NXT women’s division is stacked as well and we’re currently getting at least two segments and some backstage bits as well per show. This is really boosting women’s wrestling and when we had the fans, there was a huge proportion of female fans.

One last minor detail that AEW needs to work on within their women’s division is… THE BELT! The AEW women’s title is horrific. It looks like a toy. WWE’s women’s titles apart from the NXT belt are bad as well, but I think the AEW one is the worst of them all. Why is the belt so small? They’ve got to work on that if they’re really going to be a serious threat to WWE.

Apart from the nostalgia factor, I think this is where AEW really lack in comparison to WWE and if they could improve their women’s roster without harming the men’s then AEW could start competing with Smackdown instead of NXT in the next few years.


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