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Charlotte Flair: The Female Roman Reigns?

Where do we start with this one? I thought Roman Reigns’ time as the poster boy for WWE was bad, but Charlotte Flair is a different level. She’s on every show and if I’m being honest, I’m sick and tired of seeing her face three times a week. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a brilliant wrestler, one of the best in the company, however, do we really need to see her as much as we do?

A lot of fans don’t like her current involvement in NXT which I can understand, yet I don’t agree with. We know she’ll reel in views to battle AEW also, she’s there to elevate the talent in the women’s division such as Rhea Ripley and Io Shirai while she’s there, which is a win-win for the company. Also, with the likes of her and Finn Balor going to NXT, it helps NXT be seen as a third brand and not just a developmental brand that is used to feed stars up to Smackdown and Raw.

However, the negatives slightly outweigh the positives. Flair has been pushed over and over again since 2014, a time in which she has won 12 championships. We all know the plan is for her to eventually match or pass her father Ric, who has 16, however, this was over 19 years, in comparison to Charlotte’s 6 years. This makes everything they do with Charlotte seem forced and boring.

I was wondering why they decided to push Flair so much and I came to a couple of conclusions.

1) The fear of injuries

Injuries can happen to anyone in sport and we’ve seen a lot of talented wrestlers retire at young ages due to injuries. The likes of Paige, Jason Jordan and potentially Ember Moon have all fallen to this horrific fate and WWE may fear their top star being susceptible to that fate. So, in response to that, they get her a large number of championships while she is at her peak so when she is older and more likely to get injured, she has the resume that allows her to take time off if needed.

2) Ric Flair being in attendance for the 16th title win

Ric Flair being in attendance for his daughter’s 16th title win would be an emotional time in the future. Flair is 71 now and we know about his health scares over the last couple of years. And as much as it would hurt to see another legend pass, it can happen to anyone at any time and I think we’d all love to see Flair see his daughter match or even beat his joint record of title wins as that could be one of the most heartfelt moments in WWE history.

I think the fact Flair is put in unnecessary matches in general and with rising talent is why she’s hated amongst hardcore fans. For example, she wasn’t needed in the triple threat match between her, Natalya and Nia Jax on Monday when you’ve been building up Liv Morgan for the last month. Also, you have SHAYNA BASZLER at your disposal, she’s arguably the second greatest NXT women’s champion and Asuka is the greatest, so it makes sense to put her in the match for that purpose at least.

Also, her champion vs champion match against Bayley was pointless. It only helped stir the pot between Bayley and Sasha Banks, which we all know has been brewing for months now. It didn’t make Bayley look stronger as she cheated to win so what was the point.

Finally, what is her character? Is she a heel or a face. On Smackdown she was a face against Bayley, on Raw she’s a heel and on NXT she’s both. There’s no clarity on what she actually is. Furthermore, she has no personality, her personality is that she’s just a Flair and she’s a queen, which is what 90% of the women’s division calls themselves.

In conclusion, Charlotte is great and she’s definitely a top wrestler in the world, let alone WWE but is she the female Roman Reigns? Yes. She’s the blue-chip project that is very talented but forced down our throats.

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