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Ranking The UFC’s Weight Classes From Worst to Best (Women)

Recently, I ranked the men’s divisions from worst to best so I thought, it would make sense for me to do the women’s divisions as well. I ranked them based off of two factors, ability and current interest around the division. Now, there are only four women’s divisions in comparison to the men’s eight, which leaves me with less to choose between but let’s get started.

4) Featherweight

The 145 pounders rank last for me, this division is very thin on talent and the champion, Amanda Nunes is a class above everyone else right now. The division also lost Cris Cyborg last year, who now fights under Bellator and was one of the divisions formidable few, leaving the division with Felicia Spencer and Megan Anderson as the top two ranked starts in the featherweight division. Nunes fights Spencer at UFC 250 though. It will be interesting to see how she fairs against the Lioness. However, it’s a fight that I’m not too excited to see, as I expect Nunes to win.

3) Flyweight

From here on it gets much tougher, the flyweight division has a great champion in Valentina Shevchenko, who could’ve and should’ve won the Bantamweight title off of Nunes after being screwed by poor scoring by the judges. Shevchenko has only lost twice in the UFC both times to Nunes at Bantamweight. The rest of the division is good as well, however, just like the featherweight, Shevchenko has been dominant. She was meant to fight Joanne Calderwood at UFC 251 but the fight has been cancelled due to the ‘Bullet’ obtaining an injury.

2) Bantamweight

If you were to have this at number one I’d completely understand, the quality in this division is incredible and I believe this division is close to having the best fighters out of all the divisions but Amanda Nunes has run through most of the top competitors in the division. I would like to see her face Aspen Ladd, who at 25 years old is bound to be a future champion as she’s nowhere near her prime. She did a take one punch loss to Germaine De Randamie, which is tough to be not be disheartened by but I’m sure she’ll be able to bounce back and hopefully challenge for the belt soon.

1. Strawweight

This may be based on the incredible fight at UFC 248 between Zhang and Joanna which stole the show that night but I can’t wait to see who she faces next. I think her vs Namajunas would be great. I also like the fact we’ve had a variety of champions over the last few years. It keeps the division fresh and shows the quality of this division. If you were to look at the pound for pound rankings, after the three different champions, the next four fighters are in this division, showing the quality of the division.

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