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UFC 249 Predictions (Main Card)

This card is absolutely immense and I can’t wait to watch it on Sunday morning. (UK timezone) I released my predictions for the prelims two days ago so be sure to check that out as well if you haven’t seen it already. Let’s get into the predictions!

Greg Hardy vs Yorgan De Castro – Heavyweight Division 

Hardy comes into this bout 5-2-1. The no-contest coming from him using an inhaler during rounds, which he was apparently told was ok to do. As a heavyweight Hardy is extremely fluid with his movement and is a decent striker who is very accurate with his strikes as well. In his last win against Juan Adams, Hardy landed 36/38 strikes helping him to a first-round KO. De Castro is pretty new to the UFC winning his one and only fight so far via knockout as well. Anything can happen between these two so I’m split 50/50 between these two. But I’m going to go for Hardy. I think his ability to avoid major strikes may help him win, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if De Castro was to come away with a victory by decision

Jeremy Stephens vs Calvin Kattar – Featherweight Division

Stephens has been in the UFC for 13 years now, Stephens is a great fighter and has incredible heart in the octagon but many could argue he’s a one-trick pony, in the way he fights, which is getting hit to hit. This allows other fighters to adapt to your style of fighting and to simply make a plan on how to fight against you. Kattar is a great striker and has a good background in boxing as well. I believe this type of fight suits him perfectly as well. As he’d be able to use his boxing history to allow Stephens to progress, and he’d just hit him with counter punches. This one has huge potential to be a contender for fight of the night, but then again don’t they all! I’ve got Kattar for this one. Round 2 KO.

Francis Ngannou vs Jairzinho Rozenstruik – Heavyweight Division

Now, this is the fight that I really want to see. Ngannou is a monster currently 13-3 and the number 2 ranked heavyweight in the world. His power is unmatched, He’s on a hot streak as well rolling into this one as well, winning his last 3 fights in the 1st round. Rozenstruik is an amazing kickboxer currently undefeated in his MMA career. His striking ability is insane and you can argue he’s the better striker out of the two of these brilliant warriors. This could go either way due to both of these men’s power, but I’ve got Ngannou picking up the win.

Henry Cejudo vs Dominick Cruz – Bantamweight Championship

Cejudo is a former Olympic champion and comes into this fight 15-2. He’s a terrific wrestler and has the ability to last the full 25 minutes. He claims he’s the best pound for pound fighter in the UFC and some may agree with him. Cruz, the former 135lbs champion is a very unorthodox striker as he has very good rangy movement and the ability to switch stance fluidly in the fight. However, we haven’t seen Cruz fight since the end of 2016, could that play a factor in this fight? It’s hard to judge with Cruz just like Werdum on the prelims how good he will be on his return. Cejudo will try and take this ground with his advantage in grappling. Cruz will try and use his movement to his advantage and try and catch Cejudo when he progresses. I’ve got Cejudo, I think he’ll wear Cruz out by the 5th round.

Tony Ferguson vs Justin Gaethje – Lightweight Division

We all wish this was Khabib vs Tony but Justin we can’t count out Justin. He’s got insane power and speed and it could be disputed that he has the best leg kicks in the UFC. Gaethje is 21-2 in his pro career and even though he’s the underdog he may be able to pull off a shock win. Now, Ferguson, this man is crazy, his cardio is insane, he just doesn’t stop. His jiu-jitsu, we all know is brilliant, he’ll find a Darce Choke from anywhere. Even his standup is brilliant, watch his body shots, which will drain his opponents through the fight. I don’t see a shock here but I won’t be surprised if Gaethje goes at least 20 with Ferguson.

Once again, I can’t wait to watch this event. Leave a like if you enjoyed and have a great day!

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