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The Worst MMA Fight of all-time!?

Now, I love street fighting, I think it’s extremely entertaining and it shows who’s the best out and out brawler, with no rules attached. However, when you’re asked to cut 50 pounds in weight for a fight, your bound to struggle to fight.

Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson vs Dhafir “Dada 5000” Harris was built up to be a brawl at Bellator 149 that would look to attract the world of street fighting to mixed martial arts, failed miserably.

Both men were lethargic and drained in the first round. It was clear that they hadn’t done sufficient cardio work as they resulted to meaningless and weak headlocks.
By the time round 3 came along, both fighters had to be supported to get off the stools, as they were both gasping for air.

Kimbo managed to “knockout” Dada from what must have been the weakest uppercut I have ever seen. Dada stumbled and fumbled to the ground causing a stoppage from Big John McCarthy.

Dada ended up hospitalised for 2 weeks after the fight as his heart stopped.

Unfortunately, Kimbo Slice died in the summer of that year with a MMA record of 5-2-1.

This fight was definitely one to forget.

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