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My Top 5 NXT Matches of the Decade

NXT, where would wrestling be without NXT? Imagine if Triple H didn’t turn it from a reality show into the brilliance of a show it is today. AEW would be having a field day in their weekly viewings. There have been hundreds of captivating matches over the last 5 years and I now have the task of ranking a top 5.

5. Sasha Banks vs Bayley – NXT Takeover Brooklyn I

This match was the catalyst that really got me to believe in the Women’s Revolution. Bayley and Banks tore the house down and made the crowd pop with each near-fall as they were invested in this underdog story for the Women’s championship. I haven’t till this day seen a better women’s match in WWE and haven’t invested as much in a women’s match as well.

4. Undisputed Era vs Authors of Pain and Roderick Strong vs Sanity – NXT Takeover War Games I

The inaugural War Games in WWE had to make it in here for me. The intensity of the match, with the storytelling and Kyle O’Reilly smashing his face with a chair, made this match memorable to me. That was the first time I had ever heard of the War Games match, and these men made sure I’ll never forget it.

3. Pete Dunne vs Tyler Bate – NXT Takeover Chicago I

Being from the United Kingdom this match definitely has a soft spot for me, however, it cannot be argued that this match wasn’t elite. This was British wrestling in a nutshell. 15 minutes of excellence and mixes of multiple styles of wrestling. The Chicago crowd gave both men a standing ovation due to both men’s in-ring work. What people fail to realise is that at the time, Dunne was 24 years old and Bate was 20. Both men proved to the world that they are top-tier from a young age.

2. Andrade “Cien” Almas vs Johnny Gargano – NXT Takeover Philadelphia

Dave Meltzer rated this one 5/5 and there’s no way I can even think of disagreeing with him. Near-fall galore throughout the match. Zelina Vega interferences cementing Gargano as the underdog. Candice LeRae getting involved as well. This is one of the few times that I’ve seen interferences done correctly in wrestling. I don’t think I saw so many variants to the DDT in a match in my life. Almas won, which many people didn’t expect, leaving us fans in shock at the result but in awe over the match we just witnessed.

Honurable Mentions

There has to be a few honurable mentions because there are so many outstanding matches in NXT history.

Aleister Black vs Velveteen Dream – NXT Takeover War Games I

DIY vs The Revival – NXT Takeover Toronto

Sami Zayn vs Shinsuke Nakamura – NXT Takeover Dallas

6 -Man Ladder Match at NXT Takeover New Orleans

Sami Zayn vs Adrian Neville – NXT Takeover R Evolution

Johnny Gargano vs Tommasso Ciampa -NXT Takeover New Orleans and Chicago

1. Johnny Gargano vs Adam Cole – NXT Takeover New York

Brilliance. Just brilliance. From Cole’s cockiness leading to his downfall to Garagno’s Isrealite journey coming to an end this was just amazing. This match gave me a feel good moment in wrestling that I’ve never felt before. A mixture of emotions due to the twists and turns throughout this masterpiece. I’ve watched this match at least 5 times and I’m still fascinated by it each and everytime. Definitely my favourite NXT match of the decade.

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