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Thank You Bray Wyatt!!

Summerslam was 100% the best WWE main roster show of 2019 so far. I enjoyed every match apart from the Charlotte Flair vs Trish Stratus match, which I fell asleep during. Nevertheless, a huge part of my joy coming from this event is due to Bray Wyatt and his character work with The Fiend.

First of all, the entrance. Everything was perfect, from the even more deranged theme music to the old Bray Wyatt lantern. Now Bray’s work with the character itself was absolutely flawless. Even minor things such as The Fiend deliberating whether to take off its mask or not to show traces of the old Bray Wyatt still being inside him was brilliant.

Also, I loved how the move set of The Fiend was absolutely sinister and brutal. Especially, the neck twist before the end of the match. I feel like that could’ve been good enough to win the match itself and it could be used as a move that really puts people out for a long time and is only reserved for special occasions. In a similar sort of fashion to how the punt kick was used.

I can’t wait to see what happens tonight on Raw with The Fiend!

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