Seth Rollins What Are You Thinking!

Before we get started I’m having wifi issues so posting will be difficult but I’ll see what I can do. (Sky wifi sucks)

Both Ospreay and Rollins are terrific wrestlers and both deserve their accolades, but in my opinion, Ospreay is a better wrestler than Rollins. He puts on much better matches on a more consistent basis. Now, I don’t know how Seth Rollins can believe that WWE has the best quality pro wrestling in the world. Especially for reasons such as how many events they put on a year. This has no correlation with the terms of the quality of each match or the company.

Without a doubt, WWE is the biggest wrestling company in the world. Yet, if we are talking about the main roster, then without a doubt, WWE has arguably the worst quality wrestling.

This isn’t due to the talent that they have, because WWE definitely has the best pool of wrestlers to pick out of all the companies. This is clearly due to the fact of how much these stars who are clearly talented are used. A prime example of this is Tyler Breeze.

Breeze was a future star of WWE and was adored in NXT but after being pushed to the main roster he was ruined due to him not being used correctly.

This moves us on to the Dean Ambrose situation with Rollins. Ambrose/Moxley had so many ideas to improve his matches, but he had no creative freedom in WWE. If you compare that to now in AEW he has all the freedom in the world.

Rollins said that Ambrose couldn’t handle the schedule of WWE but that clearly wasn’t the case. What some people need to realise is that it’s not all about the money for the majority of these wrestlers. These wrestlers care about performing in high-quality matches and being the best they can be. This is what CM Punk believed in and this what we are seeing in these wrestlers 5 years later.

Finally, it’s easy for Seth Rollins to come out and glorify WWE when he’s the top guy in the company. He has all the perks and the backing from management. I guarantee that if Rollins was in the situation that Ambrose was in he would’ve done the exact same thing.

I respect Seth a lot but the comments he’s made over the last week has been delusional. However, he’s probably made his Universal Championship run at least 3 months longer, so smart move Seth!

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2 replies on “Seth Rollins What Are You Thinking!”

It’s almost a double edged sword here. On one hand, you have Rollins needing to tout he’s bigger than life and worthy of being THE guy. On the other hand, it has come off poorly. It’s almost like WWE, who knows what they’re doing on their social media, thinks it’s edgy to confront those not on their roster via social media as only the Smarks will get what’s going on.


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