Too Many Championships. Too much Talent

There are currently 18 active championships belts in the WWE. 10 of these championships are currently on the main roster. That’s an absurd amount for only 2 shows.

I understand why WWE has done this. It’s clearly because there is too much talent on their rosters and they need to keep that talent so it attracts fans. However, this actually pushes us fans further away.

Firstly, this allows for no effort to be put into rivalries, as all the championship feuds aren’t actually personal as all the challenger wants is the title. This has been clearly shown recently in the United States championship picture where Ricochet vs Somoa Joe had literally no build up to it. There was literally no heat between these two stars until Ricochet won the fatal 5 way to become no.1 contender 2 weeks before Stomping Grounds.

Secondly, there’s way too much to follow. Honestly, right now as I’m writing this I can’t think of who currently holds the Raw Tag Team Championships and I’m a hardcore fan who watches week in week out. So imagine how it feels for a casual fan. There’s too much to be filled in on. This pushes away the casuals and drops the ratings further down the toilet than they already are.

Another question I have is: Why does WWE have so much talent if half of them aren’t going to be used? There are way too many people on the main rosters to even feature them into a 3-hour show. The fact that WWE was able to have a 50 man Battle Royal at Super Showdown with many members of their roster not being involved shows that there are people that WWE should just let go as they are wasting their money and time holding on to them.

Even in NxT, there are ample amounts of talent that aren’t going to make it anywhere near a championship or even a match on a show that WWE should just allow to wrestle elsewhere.

Anyway, these are just my thoughts. You all might think differently to me and think it’s a good thing. Let me know!


By TheWrestlingFallacy

I talk and rant about Wrestling and MMA
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