The Benefits of Joining WWE

Towards the end of last year, I made a post on how, if I was a wrestler why I’d never join WWE. Today, I’m going to label the pros of joining wrestling’s biggest company.

1) Money


This one’s obvious so let’s get it out of the way. As WWE is the biggest wrestling company in the world right now. Their income is much more than independent companies such as Lucha Underground and NJPW. As their income is higher, they have more money to pay on quality wrestlers wages. Reportedly, the average pay for a WWE wrestler per year is $500000. For an indy wrestler, it’s much less due to many reasons. Firstly, some wrestlers get paid per match and don’t have a contract to a specific company and secondly, wrestling companies in the indy scene pay top wrestlers such as Rey Mysterio up to $15000 per match so the majority of their budget goes into bringing in stars to help attract viewers from outside. This means there are fewer available wages for the superstars there on an episodic basis.

2) Exposure

As WWE has the most fans and is a global production many stars have featured across tours around the world. For example, when WWE came to Manchester in 2015, Manchester United footballer (at the time) Wayne Rooney was involved in a segment where he slapped Wade Barrett, this got all over news tabloids and the internet gave this exposure. Also joining WWE has given many wrestlers opportunities in the film industry. The likes of The Rock used his time in WWE to now be one of the most well-renowned stars in the film industry.


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