Rant About the Recent NXT Call-ups

The most recent NXT call-ups were all disgraceful. They just added extra numbers to an already overfilled roster. If there was no original plan for these guys, what’s the point of announcing them. Sure the main roster was getting stale, but if you’re going to feature new wrestlers. Then make them wrestle. As someone who watches the youtube highlights of Raw, I had no clue that any debuts apart from Nikki Cross actually even happened.

The only reason I actually found out about these call-ups was from watching a podcast on the show later on in the day. That should never be the case. Also, the call-ups apart from Cross were way too early.

When Somoa Joe came to the main roster it was a shock, as everyone thought he’d be number 30 in the Rumble match the night before. The element of surprise is a key factor in wrestling. Us wrestling fans love to be shocked and by saying this person and that person will be arriving soon takes away this element that makes events so special and memorable.

I understand that it may help ticket sales but the people they’re calling up aren’t even main eventers. Or people that will sell shows out. Yet, they could be saving the likes of Aleister Black and Johnny Gargano may get called up for a surprise. This would make sense, but they could’ve had these recent call-ups feature on an actual in-ring segment. It would be twice as good as Michael Cole saying “Oh look, there’s Lacey Evans” or “Oh that’s EC3.”

That could have symbolised this “new era” of WWE that the McMahon’s announced towards the end of last year, as we see new talent.

Let me know what you guys think about it below.

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